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10,000 Reasons To Visit Chappell’s Sports Museum

Exploring North Kansas City, Missouri would not be complete without a visit to Chappell’s Restaurant and Sports Museum. Located at 323 Armour Road, this place has become a sports Mecca, since its opening in 1986. Notoriety has come from many directions, including lots of the top sports news channels. We decided we needed to see what all the commotion was about.

Sports Museum - Chappell's restaurant - Kansas City restaurants - Sports memorabilia

Living History

A visit to Chappell’s is like walking through sports history. There is hardly any part of the interior that is not covered in memorabilia. Football helmets and pennants cover the ceiling. Awards of all types are scattered throughout the place. Sports equipment, much of it autographed, hangs and sits in places of honor. No matter how long you look around, it seems like there is always more to see. It is not unusual to see people wandering around the place checking out all of the nooks and crannies.

Sports Museum - Chappell's restaurant - Kansas City restaurants - Sports memorabilia

There is a lot of Kansas City historical memorabilia in this place. Photographs, sports equipment, and uniforms from various Kansas City teams are found here. There are even items from before teams moved to the Kansas City region. Of course, there are plenty of other teams represented. It is estimated that there are over 10,000 pieces in the collection, and it is easy to believe after walking through the over 7000 square feet of space. About the only open spot left available is the bar, and even it is completely surrounded with souvenirs. One of the most prized possessions sits on a small mantle above the bar. It is the 1973 World Series trophy from the Oakland Athletics.

Patrons enjoy dinner in a sports museum setting.

Dinner at Chappell’s

Our visit was a perfect opportunity to dine and check out the memorabilia. The menu was more robust than we expected. A good selection of appetizers, and salads can be had, but we skipped these on our visit. The main entrees contain a good variety of chicken, beef, and seafood. Chappell’s touts their half-pound burgers, which also come in a turkey or meatless version. About a dozen sandwiches and wraps round out the menu.

London Broil dinner.

Crystal chose Chicken Strips, so I didn’t see much reason to highlight it. She felt it was about average, and it was served with curly fries. I went for the London Broil, which is featured in the Jim’s Picks section of the menu. This marinated flank steak was delicious, and surprisingly tender. I substituted the sweet potato fries, which comes with a sweet and spicy chili sauce. These were crispy, and the sauce was almost addicting. It seems like Crystal liked the dipping sauce as well, so we shared this side.

Diners in sports themed restaurant.

While we were waiting for our meals, I wandered around the interior. A visit to Chappell’s means that you get a meal and an attraction all for one price. At almost any other place you would have to pay an admission to see the quantity and quality of items on display. Here you simply have to show up. Thank you Jim Chappell for bringing this one of a kind restaurant to Kansas City. Be sure to belly up to the bar on your next visit, and check out that World series trophy. Now if only he can secure the Royal’s version.

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