Crystal waits patiently for photos, before we dove into our dishes at Ambrosia Cafe.

Ambrosia Cafe – Fueling A Market Visit

We are always on the lookout for a chance to sample a new restaurant. Kansas City is filled with so many great eateries that it is impossible for us to capture the taste of them all. Even a casual Saturday morning can expose us to a new spot, like a recent visit to downtown Overland Park Farmers Market. Happening upon Ambrosia Cafe, gave us a chance of fueling a market visit. Our morning just got better, and we made our way to a new dining experience.

Even though it was busy, service at Ambrosia Cafe was stellar.

A Stop at Ambrosia Cafe

We weren’t expecting nearby construction, so we ended up parking a couple of blocks away from the market. As we walked toward our destination, we came upon a small strip center that is tucked away from regular traffic patterns. Ambrosia Cafe sits at 7933 Marty, which is just across from the east end of the downtown Overland Park Farmers Market. With its proximity, we weren’t surprised to find the restaurant hopping with business. Even with a steady supply of customers, we were seated almost immediately.

Tom's Tower is a protein rich dish that was fueling our visit to the downtown Overland Park farmers market.

Tom’s Tower

After reviewing the menu, Crystal and I decided to split a couple of dishes. There were a few choices that stuck out to us, but we knew we could only eat so much. The final decision came down to one sweet and one savory dish. I ordered up Tom’s Tower, to cover the savory side of the morning meal. It’s a standard breakfast, but served with a little twist. The base is a half order of biscuits and gravy, (You can choose a full order if you wish!) which is topped with two sausage patties and a pair of eggs. This dish certainly covered the protein requirement for fueling our market visit.

The Blueberry Stuffed French Toast was a sweet treat at Ambrosia Cafe.

Getting Stuffed

Crystal went the sweet route, and ordered up the Blueberry Stuffed French Toast. Made with blueberry bread, this gooey dish has plenty of berry flavor. The sweet cream filling holds even more blueberries, and the whole thing is coated with a sweet blueberry sauce. A helping of fresh fruit topped off the dish. We asked for a couple of spare plates, which we used to split up the meals. While we dined, the owner/chef dropped by to chat. We had seen him visiting with other patrons, and like that he takes time to get feedback from customers. During our visit, we discussed why he started up the Ambrosia Cafe. While listening to him, it was easy to see his passion for serving his best dishes to guests.

We love the bright colors and interesting items that can be found at the farmers market.

Fueling a Market Visit

After fueling our market visit at Ambrosia Cafe, it was time to hit the stalls. Summer is such a fleeting season, here in the Midwest. This year it has been complicated with all the rain we received throughout the late Spring. Crystal was just telling me that it seems that we didn’t really get a summer this year. After thinking about, I would have to agree. As we strolled through the market, we saw that many of the vendors were carrying the usual items, so perhaps it was just us. Maybe it was a busy travel season that made the summer seem so fleeting. Do you think this summer was too short?

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