Mixing sweet and savory is a specialty at Bistreaux.

Bistreaux By KC Daiquiri Shop – Southern Flair

On our excursions to New Orleans, we have become accustomed to enjoying some of their amazing food dishes. While we participate in most every cuisine, it is the southern flair of Cajun and Creole that bring some of the best flavors to the table. When KC Daiquiri Shop had opened a second site, we were excited to check it out. Bistreaux is housed inside of a brick structure at 8725 Metcalf Avenue. Seeing that it had been a minute since our last Louisiana-style meal, we were anxious to test the waters (and daiquiris) found inside.

A row of daquiri machines welcome diners at Bistreaux.

Frozen Delights

The non-descript exterior camouflages the French Quarter vibe that is found inside. Stepping through the door, we found an upbeat atmosphere and a quickly filling house. A row of daquiri machines lined a wall and beckoned to us with their bright colors. Without this important staple, how could the restaurant owners claim to be bringing the flavors of New Orleans into play? From our visit to the original location in downtown KCMO, we knew that potency packed inside of these drinks. We also knew that you can blend the flavors together to make some enticing results.

The bright and airy space inside of Bistreaux.

Hometown Spin

We watched as servers bustled from table to table, taking orders and delivering treats. As we made our way to our seats, we checked out the dishes that other patrons had chosen. It was quickly apparent that selecting my brunch meal would be a difficult choice. Everything looked so tasty and tempting but we needed to focus. Once seated, I quickly returned to capturing our visit with the camera. This gave me another excuse to check out plates. We loved that a large wall mural payed homage to Kansas City and its connection to Jazz.

A daquiri helps make choosing dishes a little more fun.

Bistreaux – A Sister Site

When we made our first visit to the KC Daquiri Shop in KCMO, the city was still in the early stages of the pandemic. All orders were made to-go, so we didn’t get the full experience. The menu focused on standard dishes familiar to many of the restaurants in the French Quarter. Bistreaux is there move to deliver a more refined menu that features a wide selection of upscale dishes. We visited on a Saturday morning, and found them running a Chef’s Series that offered a limited number of tasty choices. With our daquiri in hand, we set about deciding which dishes to sample.

Banas Foster French Toast was a sweet way to start the morning at Bistreaux.

Something Sweet

Let me tell you that if it’s breakfast, then Crystal is going to gravitate toward something sweet. When I noticed the Bananas Foster French Toast on the menu, I was pretty sure that would be her choice. She didn’t let me down and even picked a side of Sweet Potato Hash to accompany it. When our dishes arrived, we were both salivating over the golden brown creation that decorated her plate. She was kind enough to let me steal a taste and this dish was absolute heaven.

The dishes laid out before us were delicious to behold.

Southern Flair

I’ve always had a thing for mixing savory and sweet, so the Honey Butter Chicken and Waffles were right up my alley. The crispy skin and tender meat were the perfect accompaniment for the fluffy waffle. A nice drizzle of maple syrup added a sweet kick to this dish. I reciprocated by offering Crystal a bite, even though I knew she was in love with her meal. For the next few minutes we basked in the flavors of the French Quarter. As we slurped down the last of our daquiri, it was apparent that Bistreaux would be our new go-to for refined New Orleans cuisine.

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