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Country Charm At Buh Schloss

These days one of the hottest type of lodging arrangements is to book an Airbnb. Our visit to the Amana Colonies allowed us our first experience during our stay at Buh Schloss. The home is one of the last communal residences built by the colonists in the 1890’s.

We want to thank Buh Schloss for their hospitality. Rest assured that all opinions are our own.

Buh Schloss has a roomy kitchen.

Loads of Room

This place is huge, and boasts five bedrooms, as well as four bathrooms. Three of the bedrooms are on the second floor, which is where guests stay. The home has two kitchens, one on each floor. The hardwood floors throughout the house reminded us that homes were once built with care and pride. Throughout the place we found solid woodwork, which is an Amana trademark. Eric and Megan occupy the first floor, and opened their home for our visit. Guests can choose how much they wish to interact with the owners, so you won’t feel pressured to sit around making small talk, if you don’t want to.

Buh Schloss is one of the last communal homes built in Amana.

Wide Open Spaces

We arrived in Amana around lunchtime, and had already arranged with Megan to park our car at the house. This was a perfect choice, since we only needed it when we drove to the other towns nearby. From this central home base we were able to explore the entire town of Amana. There are four restaurants all within a two or three block radius. Shopping starts at the end of their parking lot, and the tourist bureau is less than a block away. We certainly lucked out when we got this lodging.

Buh Schloss bedroom with queen sized bed.

Buh Schloss Hospitality

Megan greeted us when we checked in, and made us feel right at home. She offered us breakfast each morning, but we had already scheduled ourselves to be at different places for research purposes. The kitchen upstairs is stocked with lots of the stuff you would need to tide you over between meals. Of course, since meals in Amana are huge, we never got mid-meal hunger pains. Our room had a quaint queen-sized bed and its own bathroom. The house is solid, so walking around doesn’t cause a bunch of creaking, and the bathroom is equipped with pedestal sink and a shower.

Our two nights flew by, and too soon it was time to bid our farewells. Now that we have tried an Airbnb, we see that they are not a bad choice. Perhaps we may even give Uber a shot someday. Be sure to check back often for more articles on Amana, as we build a great vacation itinerary for you.

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