We were anxious to sample the global dining at Tribe Street Kitchen in the City Market district.

Global Dining At Tribe Street Kitchen

Exploring Kansas City is a passion for us since it is our home town. Our metropolitan area is unique, as it crosses a state line. While geographically there are actually two Kansas Cities, we treat the metro as one big melting pot. We enjoy showcasing the entire metropolitan area and show the same love to both sides. A popular district is the City Market, which has been in the same location for over 150 years. On a rainy Sunday morning, we drifted into the area looking for a brunch location. We found global dining at Tribe Street Kitchen, which is located at 316 Delaware Street.

Muted colors make the atmosphere casual at Tribe Street Kitchen.

Global Dining at Tribe

Over the decades, this area has seen lots of change. Our earliest memories were during the River Quay time frame. Back then, it was a popular restaurant and bar destination. The popularity diminished, and it took years before a revitalization program was put in place. With a renewed purpose, the area has become a popular place for loft apartments. Many of the old building’s upper floors have been renovated into this stylish living option and equipped with various restaurants and businesses on the ground floors. The addition of the streetcar line has added a way to access the area.

The upscale casual interior of Tribe Street Kitchen is an inviting space to City Market diners.

Upscale Casual

We arrived at opening time and met our daughter for the Sunday brunch. Inside, we found a well-appointed interior with a mix of booths and tables. A good-sized bar occupied the middle of the dining space. Like many of the newer places in City Market, the interior design incorporates plenty of exposed brick. A large series of windows was bringing in as much light as possible on this cloudy morning. Periodically, we would see a streetcar pass by outside. The entire place was giving off an amazing urban vibe.

Funky cups and low cost mimosas make brunch a fun event on a rainy Sunday morning.

Bring on the Fun

We were seated in one of their roomy booths. It had plenty of room for a small party, so we had space to spread out. While I went in search of photo opportunities, Crystal and Amanda scanned the menu. A round of coffee for all was the first thing to get ordered. Amanda decided to sample one of their Grapefruit Mimosas. At only $5.00, this was actually quite a deal. Tribe Street Kitchen adds a fun touch by using a variety of coffee mugs. It makes it easy to remember which is yours and adds a conversation starter.

A protein rich frittata is a great dish to fuel a day filled with exploring.

Lotta Frittata

Our pick for this restaurant had been based solely on the menu. When I saw what they offered, I was eager to do some global dining at Tribe. We decided to each get something different, so we could sample the widest variety of dishes. Crystal went protein-heavy, (No surprise there.) and picked one of the Frittatas. Made with three eggs, it was stuffed full of artichoke hearts and sun-dried tomatoes. On top, it was sprinkled with goat cheese and pickled red onions. So many interesting flavors combined to pack quite a nice taste.

A plate of Molletes has so many flavor layers that it makes global dining at Tribe a delight.

Mixing It Up

I decided to take my global dining at Tribe to a new level. I’ve become quite a fan of Benedicts, but what they offered was certainly pushing the envelope. The menu name for the dish is Molletes, which is basically an open-faced sandwich. The chef started this dish with a couple of slices of baguette, which is topped with feijoada. This flavorful stew has a black bean base with added tastes of beef and pork. I added some carnitas to bring in some extra protein. On top of this, they piled a pair of eggs, Cotija cheese, pico de gallo, and a dollop of avocado. A side of breakfast potatoes complimented the plate and pushed it to one of my new favorites category.

Fried Chicken Pancake Tacos makes for delicious global dining at Tribe Street Kitchen.

Now That’s Different

With the amazing plates already on the table, we couldn’t wait to see Amanda’s choice. What has to be the most unique brunch item, her plate of Fried Chicken Pancake Tacos was quite a sight. Thai style hat Yai chicken is the base for this interesting dish. A pair of filets are nestled on basil pancakes. Crispy shallots, sweet grilled pineapple, sesame, and a drizzling of tamarind syrup add an intriguing series of flavors to this recipe. A side of the potatoes was more than enough to make the plate too large to finish.

The authors pose for a selfie with their daughter, at Tribe Street Kitchen.

Fueled Up for Our Day

Our leisurely brunch had accomplished a couple of things. It filled us up and provided plenty of fuel for our day of exploring around Kansas City. A bonus was that during our time at Tribe Street Kitchen, the morning showers had wrapped up. We knew it would be warm and humid, after the rain, but we also realized that summer was drawing to an end. We almost felt like it had passed in a flash, so making time for this brunch get together was more important than ever. As we looked around the City Market area, we noticed plenty of other dining options that we need to examine closer. With our travel season winding down, it looks like we will be back here soon. What are some of your favorite City Market district dining choices?

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