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Lyons Twin Mansions – Historic Double Take

Picture life during the year of 1876. The United States was celebrating its first 100 years. Alexander Graham Bell is granted a patent for his new invention called the “telephone”. Colorado is admitted to the Union as the 38th state. You can imagine the pace of life in those simpler days. During this same time, a pair of Italian architecture mansions were erected in this refined Victorian period. Thus, the Lyons Twin Mansions came into existence. Our trip to Fort Scott gave us an opportunity to get a historic double take of this pair of beautiful homes.

We want to thank Visit Fort Scott and Lyons Twin Mansions for their hospitality. Rest assured all opinions are our own.  

The north mansion is home to the lodging portion of the Lyons Twin Mansions bed and breakfast.

Putting the Bed in B&B

The Lyons Twin Mansions were built for family members who migrated to Fort Scott from New York. The two homes were built using identical floor plans, all the way to the choice of wood for each room. The differences are apparent in the styling of the moulding and the look of the front entrance to each house. The mansion to the north has a more distinctive Italian facade. The huge columns give a stately appearance to the home. Much to the chagrin of the original family, the unexpected “Panic of 1876” struck their financial holdings hard. Although construction was complete, the family never spent a night in either of the homes. After suffering through four years of construction, the homes sold for about half of what they cost to build.

The Victorian furniture adds a level of elegance to the Lyons Twin Mansion decor.

Victorian Decor

Current owners, Larry and Pat Lyons, purchased the north mansion in 1975. They used it as a home, where they raised their family. By the late 1980’s, they began using the house as a bed and breakfast for road-weary travelers. The home is furnished with beautiful Victorian furniture in the common areas. As we made our way through the home, we felt like we were actually transported back to this simpler era. The beautiful combinations of vibrant colors were so welcoming.

Our room was a mix of Victorian elegance with modern amenities.

Upgraded Elegance

We made our way to our room, and immediately knew the stay would be memorable. While the setting was still Victorian in decor, we had to do a historic double take at the long list of amenities that they have incorporated into each room. The calming colors blend well with the plasma screen television that hung above the fireplace. A phone charging station, microwave, coffee maker, and mini-fridge accompany each room. We had an opportunity to check out some of the other suites and found each has special touches. Guests can choose a whirlpool or therapeutic tub, Steam Sauna, or like our suite, an in-room fireplace.

The south mansion is home to the restaurant named as Nate's Place.

Historic Double Take

In 2007, the owners son, Nate, purchased the south mansion. This once again put both houses under one family’s ownership. The south mansion was dedicated as the second “B” in the bed and breakfast. Named Nate’s Place, it quickly became a popular dinner stop for travelers and locals alike. Guests of the B&B get breakfast at this restaurant as part of their package. After seeing pictures of some of their dishes, we were anxiously awaiting our turn to dine there.

It was hard not to take a historic double take when we saw the decor at Lyons Twin Mansions.

Moving Toward the Modern

Upon entering Nate’s Place, we quickly noticed a difference in the interior decor. Where the north mansion was truly a Victorian romance novel in real life, the south mansion showed signs of forward thinking in the 1870’s. Even though the same woods were used in each building, the styling was truly worlds apart. Here we found an almost western frontier feel, which would certainly have fit the location and time period of construction. The restaurant encompasses the first floor and offers multiple dining room choices.

The Lyons Granola and Fruit Parfait is a delicious and healthy start to a day of exploring.

A Healthy Start

Once we chose our seating, our server appeared to start our order. Obviously, coffee was the first thing we agreed upon. While this was being retrieved, we scanned the breakfast menu. Crystal is definitely the healthier choice person of our pair. She quickly identified the Lyons Granola & Fruit Parfait as her morning meal. A hearty serving of vanilla sweet yogurt is mixed with fresh fruits to create a base. This is topped with their homemade granola, which is flavored with honey and nutmeg. She was more than willing to offer me a taste, but she knows that I am not a yogurt fan. This was one dish I would let her enjoy all to herself.

The Stuffed French Toast offers a fruity and sweet breakfast option for the start of our day.

Fruitful Dining Options

I knew well in advance what I would order, as I had seen some enticing photos online. The Stuffed French Toast is probably not what Crystal would consider “health” food, but it does have fruit in it. The thick slices of French bread are stuffed with cream cheese and fresh fruit. Our server asked if I preferred strawberries or blueberries, and I struggled with that decision. When she suggested a combination of both, I was easily sold on it. In the end, it was an excellent choice, as the flavor was so good it didn’t need any syrup.

The authors pose for a selfie at Lyons Twin Mansion.

Enjoying the Gardens

Often during our travels, we have the opportunity to talk with locals about what we do. We will hear how they would love to be travel bloggers. While we must admit that it is wonderful getting to have all of these great experiences, there are a few drawbacks. Our schedules are always chocked full of sites to visit, so that means we don’t have tons of leisure time. When we find ourselves in quaint settings, like Lyons Twin Mansions, we would love the availability to linger until the official checkout time. Unfortunately, we must pack up and move on to our next stop. It’s those times that we are jealous of those who we are attempting to inspire. We hope many of you will take the time to get out and visit some of the places that you have never traveled to in the past. Our world is full of interesting experiences just waiting to be seized. Grab hold of some for yourself and be sure to travel safely! Now who wants some of that french toast?

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22 thoughts on “Lyons Twin Mansions – Historic Double Take”

  1. Both places are beautiful ,the one with the Peacock on the fire place is amazing , the ceiling looks like puzzle pieces but i would not want to put together., I like the idea of a whirlpool sounds very realaxing, and yes i would like the French toast breakfast , all in all it looks like a beautiful place to visit and very interesting

  2. Carol Colborn

    Do you know what my good news is? Fort Scott is just 30 minutes from Bill’s boyhood home in Pittsburg. And we will be there this September. I will surely visit this place. Do they have tours available?

  3. Bruce Hensley

    Very much enjoy your posts. Looking at a day trip to the Ft. Scott area in two weeks. Would appreciate suggestions for museums traveling from KC to that region. Thank you and thanks again for your posts.

    1. Bruce, it is so nice to hear that you enjoy our articles. We enjoyed the Gordon Parks Museum at the Fort Scott Community College, and obviously the fort. We will actually have an article on that historic stop next week. If you have an urge to drift a little to the west during your trip, we would suggest the Miami County Museum in Paola and John Brown Cabin in Osawatomie. Travel safely!

  4. Michele Peterson

    I love rooms with mini-fridges and the chance to get one in a mansion with an in-room fireplace too is really a bonus. That stuffed French Toast is a beauty – I’m sure all those berries really do vault it into the healthy breakfast category

  5. Doreen Pendgracs

    I could definitely dig into that stuffed French toast, Jeff! that looks amazing, and so does the rest of your visit to Lyons Twin Mansions.

  6. Julie McCool

    Imagine building two mansions then being unable to afford to live in either one. Glad to hear the Lyons Twin Mansions are now owned by one family and are being well cared for. Looks like a very interesting place to visit.

  7. Karen Warren

    Lyons Twin Mansions is exactly the kind of place I like to stay in! A historic building, good food and a touch of luxury – what more could you want?

  8. Marilyn Jones

    Oh, so beautiful and elegant! And the food looks amazing. I would love to visit Lyons Twin Mansions. I love your lede!

  9. Irene S. Levine

    It’s nice that these two homes, which launched with a rough start, wound up with a loving family that wanted to share them with the public.

  10. Wendy Elliott

    What a perfect home for a BnB! All those period furnishings and fabrics are wonderful. I think my husband and I would have ordered similarly to you and Crystal – healthy for me, french bread french toast for Tom.

    I totally get the ‘pack it in’ issue that we travel bloggers have. At the end of a week of it, all I want to do is sleep in!!

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