Who could pass up a solid meal of burger and fries?

Kroll’s Diner – Retro Dining Vibe

We may not have lived through the 1950s, but the nostalgia of that era has become woven in our country’s fabric. Television shows, like Happy Days, helped form our view of the “Glory Days” from the end of WWII. Our first evening in Fargo, we discovered this time capsule of Americana. Kroll’s Diner is a reminder of those simpler days. Let’s take a walk back in time to experience their retro dining vibe. 

Kroll's Diner is a throwback to the simpler days of the 1950s.

Signs of Days Gone By

It’s easy to pick Kroll’s Diner out of the crowd of restaurants. The gleaming metal exterior immediately screamed mid-20th Century. The signage, adorned with a neon-lit clock, looked like it came straight out of a movie set. We’ve dined in similar places, but this one is a notch above. Being summertime, it was still too early in the evening for the rest of the lights, but we can imagine it beckoning travelers on a dark night. It’s time to step inside and see what we find.

The shiny interior screams of a retro dining vibe.

Step Back in Time

When we entered our imaginations came to life. The interior is as bright and shiny, as we had hoped. Neon lights highlighted the seating area, while the checkered floor guided us forward. We grabbed a booth and soaked up the retro dining vibe. Our server arrived and walked us through the menu. We were hoping for an old-style burger joint and that’s exactly what we found. To our surprise, they’ve mixed in a variety of German cuisine dishes, but we were on a mission to explore their American side.  

The mountian of food that the authors enjoyed at Kroll's Diner.

Americana Foodie

When our decisions were finally made, our server returned to take our orders. I stuck with a tried-and-true Cheeseburger and Fries. To no surprise, Crystal ordered the Grilled Chicken with Onion Rings. We decided to include one of their frosty Strawberry Shakes to our order. Now we only had to watch and wait as our order was completed. During this time, I jumped up to snap some photos of the place.

The authors pause to sample their strawberry shake from Kroll's Diner.

Relive the Past

Our server knew the drill, and brought our shake over before our food arrived. This gave us a few minutes to practice our cutesy poses. We discovered that when you order one shake, it’s large enough to fill two glasses, so we each ended up with one. Our food soon arrived, and we spent the rest of the time discussing how clean and shiny everything was. It was about as close to time traveling as we have come. Be sure to check out the retro dining vibe at Kroll’s Diner, when you visit Fargo, North Dakota.

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