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Crystal takes a moment to remember the fateful day in Dallas.

Fateful Day In Dallas – Sixth Floor Museum

When we were young, there were frequent conversations that revolved around the fateful day in Dallas. It seemed like everyone could remember where they were when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. While I was just

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From the top of the tower, you get a bird's eye perspective of the Peace Circle.

Harvest Hall History Lesson

Two of our favorite things are history and eating. If we can find a way to combine the two, then we are about as happy as a couple can be. While exploring downtown Grapevine, we had

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Hi! We’re Jeff & Crystal and we are glad you’re here. In 2017 we started down this path as storytellers. Since then, we’ve seen Our Changing Lives become one of the fastest growing North America focused travel blogs. Whether you’re looking for your next vacation destination or just want a quick getaway, you’ll find plenty of ideas. Thanks for following along as we explore this big blue marble we all call home! Learn more About Us!

Sometimes You Just Need A Short Stay

Are you looking for a quick escape from home? We’ve assembled some short stays (about 24 hours) designed to get the most out of a visit. Most itineraries include dining, shopping, and attractions and are designed to leave you with a cultural experience. 

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Going to Kansas City?

We love our hometown and are proud to show it off. Whether you’re a local or just visiting, we’ve assembled a variety of fun activities located in the metro. We hope you’ll find some new favorites, as well as some KC classics, to explore on your next outing.

Have You Traveled The Mother Road?

Since it’s origin in 1926, Route 66 has held a special place in the hearts of many motorists. Over time it has been nicknamed The Mother Road and the Main Street of America. Crystal and I have been familiar with this historic highway since our childhoods. We invite you to check out some of the sights we have seen in and around Route 66.

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