Buffalo Bill was one of the bigger than life characters we discovered when we were hunting history in Oakley, Kansas.

Hunting History – Oakley, Kansas

Crossing through western Kansas, we can imagine herds of buffalo charging across the plains. Large numbers were roaming the territory when white settlers first arrived. The end of the Civil War brought expanded interest and development to Kansas. The “Border War” was fought on the eastern edge of the state, and seemed like a distant […]

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The Chalk Pyramids rise to the sky in Western Kansas.

The Chalk Pyramids – Monument Rocks National Landmark

You have probably heard people refer to Kansas as “flat as a pancake”. To many along the coasts, our fly-over state is bereft of any tourism value. Fortunately, we know better. Scattered across our home state is a slew of unique oddities and interesting stories. The drive along I-70 opens up a lot of possibilities

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