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4 Fun Stops In Leavenworth, Kansas

Winter is one of our least favorite seasons. Sure the snow looks beautiful when it is newly fallen, but even that can become tedious with time. There comes a point that we just need to get out of town, even if only for the day. Fortunately, we have lots of great destinations nearby. A short jaunt would supply us with 4 fun stops in Leavenworth, Kansas. Lets see what we found on a cold winter day.

We want to thank the local businesses for their hospitality. Rest assured that all opinions are our own.

Harbor Light has a cozy seating spot right in front of the fireplace.

Picking 4 Fun Stops

For us, the day is best when it starts with some coffee. To be honest, we knew our trip was a little later in our morning, so we had a cup before heading out. Once on the road, we anxiously awaited a chance to sample the goods at a local haunt. It would also offer us a chance to see more of Kansas’ “first city”. With only a handful of hours for our visit, we narrowed down our itinerary to include 4 fun stops in Leavenworth, Kansas. On to number one.

Breakfast paninis are a great addition to our coffee.

#1) Harbor Lights Coffeehouse

Harbor Lights Coffeehouse is a staple of downtown Leavenworth and was our first stop of the day. We filled our bellies with some of the trademark breakfast sandwiches, as well as a homemade scone. As we dined, we noticed that most of the customers appeared to be locals, so we knew we were in good company. The relaxed atmosphere was apparent, and this place seems very family-friendly. Have you ever realized that although you have visited an area many times, you just haven’t really explored it? That is the case for us and Leavenworth. The city is so close to our home town, yet we somehow have failed to recognize its historical significance.

The Frontier Army Museum is on of the 4 fun stops we made in Leavenworth, Kansas.

Frontier Army Museum

We have made multiple visits to the Army base for our kids’ sporting events, yet never really looked to see what else there was to do. This day trip gave us a chance to rectify that, and a visit to the Frontier Army Museum would certainly be one of our 4 fun stops in Leavenworth. This often-overlooked FREE museum is filled with frontier artifacts. Their Lewis & Clark exhibit is educational and they even include some of the other notable explorers to the region. You will want to check out our article, before planning your visit. We give a little advice on making a smooth entry onto the base. (You can read more about the museum here.)

We enjoyed watching the ice flowing down the Missouri River.

Winter Weather

Like many Midwestern cities, Leavenworth sits beside a river. This affords the residents and visitors some picturesque scenes, especially in winter. During our visit to the downtown area, we wandered over to the Leavenworth Landing Park. This area is where the Port of Leavenworth sat during the mid-1800s. These days it includes a nice walking path that overlooks the Missouri River. We watched as the ice flows drifted by on the current. It was cold, but somehow very peaceful.

Comfort food is readily available at Pullman Place in Leavenworth, Kansas.

Pullman Place

Just a couple of blocks from the park was our lunch destination. Pullman Place is a local diner that has embraced the importance of the railroad by incorporating it into the decor. We picked this place because it looked like a promising spot to get a good meal, in a casual setting. Our choice was spot-on, as the restaurant serves up plentiful dishes of comfort food. Pullman Place is a local favorite and we quickly discovered why.

The beautiful carved horses almost seem alive during a visit to the CW Parker Carousel Museum.

C.W. Parker Carousel Museum

Now that our hunger had subsided, it was time to visit our final destination on our tour of 4 fun stops in Leavenworth. The C. W. Parker Carousel Museum may sound like a great place to take kids, because it is. That is why we decided to visit. After all, aren’t we all kids in some way or another? What better way to bring out the childhood wonder and imagination than with a ride on a carousel. There is something magical about the bright colors, upbeat melodies, and animated characters that help whisk us back to our childhoods. Be prepared to spend a significant amount of time at this stop, as it can be quite engrossing.

The authors enjoyed their 4 fun stops in Leavenworth, Kansas.

Make Your Plans for Leavenworth

As you can see, finding 4 fun stops in Leavenworth, Kansas was very easy. We only scratched the surface of Kansas’ “first city” during this visit. You can find more fascinating finds by visiting the Leavenworth Visitors Bureau website. We are confident that this destination will make for an enjoyable day trip, and that you will leave with memories that will last for years. Our hopes are that these types of articles will spark your explorer spirit and you will strike out on your own adventures. Perhaps you have already uncovered some hidden gems and would like us to showcase them on our blog. Drop us a comment or an email and we will try to check it out. In the meantime, Travel Safely!

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