4 Things Not To Miss At The Airplane Restaurant

When was your last in-flight meal? It seems like we are barely offered peanuts and a drink on current commercial trips. The glory days of commercial flight seem to have passed but we found a way to recreate the experience on a new level. During a visit to Colorado Springs, we found 4 things not to miss at The Airplane Restaurant. The name of this eatery piqued our interest, so we dropped in to learn more about this dining destination. Approaching the Boeing KC-97 Tanker, we were fascinated by the way it dominated the landscape.

1) Seating Options

The Airplane Restaurant is a 275-seat restaurant but only 42 passengers can occupy the actual plane. This leaves plenty of space for the ground lovers. Looking around this space, we found that there was plenty of interesting memorabilia to take in. The décor lifted our spirits to new heights, as we took in the various aircrafts suspended from the ceiling. We also noticed an assortment of aviation artifacts that detail add interest to the rooms.

2) Prepare For Takeoff

Since our visit landed between lunch and dinner times, we found the crowds small. When the hostess gave us a choice of seating, we quickly jumped onboard with dining off the ground. We followed her up the stairs and into the aircraft. Being a workhorse vehicle, it has limited window seats, but we were able to snag one. During our meal, I was able to imagine ourselves cruising high above the land. Of course, being grounded in Colorado offered a quieter meal.

3) Visit the Cockpit

After placing our meal order, I headed off with camera in hand to do a little exploring. This airplane served much of its life as a refueling asset for the U.S. Air Force. Built in 1953,  it was equipped with 4 engines, each offering 3500 horsepower. The 97s were considered the first long-range transport and this version was the second largest produced in the United States. I made my way to the cockpit, which still retains its controls and gauges. Here was another opportunity to let my imagination run, as I sailed through the clouds on my way across the Atlantic Ocean. Reality pulled me back and I returned to our table in time for our meals to arrive.

4) Sample the Flavors

The last in-flight meals I remember happened well before we entered the 21st Century. Most of these were eaten out of necessity, as they lacked any culinary exuberance. I was confident that one of the 4 things at The Airplane Restaurant was a higher regard for freshness and flavor. After being pulled away from my imaginary ocean crossing, I was in the mood for Fish & Chips. The menu hinted of  a delightful beer batter, so it made my decision easy. I opted to swap out the standard French Fries for some crispy Onion Rings. Crystal chose the Guacamole Chicken Sandwich. This classic is constructed with a grilled chicken breast, a hearty helping of Guacamole, Swiss cheese, and red onion. Crystal substituted the Sweet Potato Fries for her side dish.

4 Things Not to Miss at The Airplane Restaurant

While we dined, our discussion revolved around this unique setting. We checked off all of the boxes that this place offers. Unusual dining setting: check; delectable dishes: check; interactive opportunities: check. We settled our bill and asked our server for a favor. She was more than happy to follow us to the cockpit for selfie time. Since I had already crossed the Atlantic, I let Crystal take the pilot’s seat for this round. After a few poses, it was time to put our feet back on the ground and head off for more Colorado adventures.

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