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A Tropical Paradise – Pearl Island

The lighthouse one sees on the approach to the Nassau, Bahamas harbor is one of the most highly photographed structures in the Caribbean. Who can resist this picturesque scene surrounded by the beautiful array of colors? But were you aware the Pearl Island lighthouse is another picture-perfect scene and can be found just a short boat ride away? We used a day stop in Nassau to explore this unique destination.  

The familiar lighthouse signals the approach to Nassau, Bahamas.
This newly developed property sits a 30-minute boat ride from the harbor but feels a million miles away. The island is 1/3 mile long, and barely 50 feet wide at its widest. On one side the Atlantic Ocean crashes upon the rocky shore, while the other offers sheltered beaches with beautiful Caribbean waters.
The sliver of land that makes up Pearl Island perches in the blue Caribbean Ocean.
This day trip destination offers up two beaches, three bars, and two dining choices. A coral reef about 50 feet offshore offers great snorkeling opportunities, if the seas are not too rough. Unfortunately, on our visit they were, but the owners quickly refunded the prepaid costs for this excursion.
The authors pose for a relaxed selfie, as they sip tropical drinks at Pearl Island.
Our visit to Pearl Island started with a rum punch and picture opportunity. We then headed off to one of the beaches to enjoy the tropical sunshine. The soft sand caressed our toes as we waded into the surf. Nearby we caught a glimpse of one of the island residents, the Curly-tailed Lizard. Another round of drinks was purchased at one of the nearby bars. The bartender was helpful in our choices, and all of the staff seemed genuinely happy to welcome us to the island.
A sign shows that you are miles from you cares, when visiting Pearl Island.
Our visit to Pearl Island was one of our most memorable times during our trip, as we felt as though it was our own private island. I could certainly see a return trip in our future.
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