The authors pose with the World's Largest Belt Buckle.

Buckle Up For An Abilene, Kansas Day Trip

We are on a mission to show people that interesting stories are found all across North America. One of our favorite historic destinations is Abilene, Kansas. This northern stop along the Chisholm Trail has plenty of Wild West history, but the stories don’t end there. Our news feed is often filled with new things to see and do in this Midwestern city. Recently, we discovered that they are home to the World’s Largest Belt Buckle, which we had to see for ourselves. Let’s look at our fun experiences from a recent Abilene day trip. 

The Creamery provides tasty barbecue in downtown Abilene.

Filling Our Bellies First

We arrived in Abilene as lunchtime was approaching. After a quick stop at the local Visitors Center, we headed to Midwest Creamery & Q. This relative newcomer has taken up residence in one of the beautiful homes that line Buckeye Avenue. Since it was a little early for ice cream, we decided to sample some of their barbecue. Service was quick and we couldn’t wait to try their chopped brisket and pulled pork. With our hunger satisfied, it was time to head out exploring. 

The Greyhound Hall of Fame was an interesting FREE attraction.

Dog Days

It had been years since I last visited the Greyhound Hall of Fame and Crystal had never been. This FREE attraction tells the story of the Sport of Queens. We found plenty of information that explained how racing these speedy canines evolved into a game of chance. To make our visit extra special, we had an opportunity to meet a couple of the greyhounds. These graceful beasts are lovingly gentle, and Crystal made a fast friend. 

We loved taking selfies during our Abilene day trip.

Familiar Sights

Our Abilene day trip occurred on an overcast day, so we decided to take some selfies. It’s easy to find the unique murals dotting the downtown area. After capturing a few images, we headed to the Eisenhower Presidential Library. Here we practiced our “V for Victory” stance with Ike keeping a watchful eye. On our way to our next stop, we were paused at the train tracks. The Abilene & Smoky Valley excursion was heading out of town. As the historic cars rolled along the tracks, we recollected our ride.  

our Abilene day trip included a visit to the local history museum.

Walk Through History

Once the train passed, we quickly found ourselves at the Dickinson County Heritage Center. Here we found a wide range of historical artifacts. Abilene is the northern end of the Chisholm Trail, so there are plenty of Wild West exhibits. A large display of telephones covers generations of advancements. Stepping out back, we discovered their 1901 C.W. Parker carousel. Amazingly, it is still in operation. 

A meal at Legacy Kansas completed our Abilene day trip.

Completing Our Abilene Day Trip

All of this fun had helped work up large appetites. We knew they would be needed if we were dining at Legacy Kansas. Long known as the Brookville Hotel, it was purchased by the Munson family. This ranching clan is bringing beef to a menu that has traditionally been only fried chicken. One thing that hasn’t changed is the massive amount of side dishes that decorate the dining table. Our ravenous appetites were no match for the mountains of food that come with dinner. Thank goodness that our home is only a couple of hours away. Bring on the doggie bags!

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  1. I enjoy reading about the places you visit. Living those experiences through you!!
    Sharon Smith, Topeka, Kansas

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