An evening of comfortable elegance includes enjoying drinks at a fine dining establishment.

Comfortable Elegance – Public House Amarillo

It seems that our fast-paced travel style can get us burning tons of calories, which is a good thing. Our desire to feature plenty of local dining options always has us on the lookout for unique stops. Amarillo, Texas was filled with choices galore, but we wanted to make sure that we took a little time to slow our pace. An evening meal at Public House offered us a moment of comfortable elegance in the Texas Panhandle.

When we are traveling, we try to incorporate plenty of dining options that are family-friendly. While it is almost always just the two of us, we realize that many of you may have a wide range of ages in your party. We also want to explore a variety of cuisine options, so that you have plenty of choices to pick from when planning your own itinerary. Tossing in an upscale spot can take a vacation from memorable to unforgettable.

We want to thank Visit Amarillo for hosting our visit. Rest assured all opinions are our own.

Our schedule allows us to find plenty of seating at restaurants during the early dinner time.

Early Birds get Great Seating

Since we are early risers, our timetable runs earlier than many others. We can still hang into the night but like to get our eating done with time for our bodies to burn up the extra calories that come from restaurant foods. The added bonus with this type of schedule is that we usually beat the most crowded periods, and we catch a lot of happy hours. Upscale dining spots, like Public House, will run specials during the late afternoons, in an effort to draw in early diners.

During our visit, we noticed that most of the customers were taking advantage of this and were grouped in the bar area. This allowed us to have the dining room almost to ourselves. There was a family with children nearby, which allowed us to see how parents handle a visit to a spot like this.

A delectable cocktail makes an evening meal feel more luxurious and adds comfortable elegance.

Hey there, Romeo!

After a day of exploring, we were ready to unwind a bit. Of course, we had more stops planned for the evening, but for now, we were just taking in some peaceful moments. This seemed like a good time to sample a couple of the cocktails off of their menu. I chose to try one that was completely new to me, The Romeo. My spirit preference usually leans toward gin, and this drink uses that as the base. The addition of Aperol adds notes of mandarin orange, and a splash of St. Germaine brings a complementary flavor combination.

Crystal decided to go a different direction and ordered a Pimm’s Cup. Made with gin, a lemony soda, mint, and fruit flavors, this sweet drink just screams summertime. These smooth cocktails were the perfect partner for an appetizer plate.

Our dish of Steak Egg Rolls was the perfect start to an evening of comfortable elegance at Public House in Amarillo, Texas.

Steak Egg Rolls

We decided to start our meal with a little appetizer, so an order of Steak Egg Rolls looked like a good option. A blend of Teriyaki steak and mixed veggies are stuffed inside of two egg rolls. These are cut on the bias, so the presentation really gets your appetite going. The addition of the Spicy Ranch dipping sauce kicks the flavor (and heat) up a notch. This dish certainly does a great job of representing comfortable elegance, much like you would find at any tapas restaurant.

The Chicken Goat Cheese Salad is as delicious as it is beautiful.

Chicken Goat Cheese Salad

When it came time to order our main dishes, Crystal decided to sample one of their special salads. Our server walked her through the options and she finally landed on the Chicken Goat Cheese Salad. Her choice brought plenty of color to the table. This comes from the fresh strawberries and pickled red onion.  Plenty of grilled chicken chunks, candied walnuts, and goat cheese crumbles add flavor depth to the dish. Once she tossed on the raspberry vinaigrette, the dish was as delicious as it was beautiful. You know, I might just become a fan of salads, as long as they are as flavorful as this one was.

The Cubano is a delectable combination of meats, cheese, pickles, and mustard, all enclosed in a soft hoagie roll.

The Cubano

Let’s be real. When I saw that they serve The Cubano, there was no way that I was going to settle for salad. The thought of a hoagie roll piled high with pulled pork, smoked ham, pickles, and Swiss cheese was enough for me to stop perusing the menu. Their use of coriander grain mustard gave the Public Houses’ version a nutty aroma with a slightly citrus flavor. An accompaniment of curly Public House Fries paired perfectly for a hearty dinner. No way was I leaving this place hungry.

Crystal waits patiently while photos are being taken.

Comfortable Elegance At Public House

Our evening meal at Public House was the perfect diversion from our busy day. The comfortable elegance of this upscale eatery really helped us unwind. During our meal, we noticed an increase in customers. It was obvious that our timing had been perfect and allowed us some quiet time before the evening rush. Now that our appetites had been satisfied, it was time to get back to exploring Amarillo. An evening of thrill rides was awaiting us at Wonderland Park. With so much to see and do, we knew there was no way we would see it all, even with the boost of energy we got from our delectable meals.

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