Experience Broadmoor Seven Falls

Being flatlanders, the raw beauty of the mountains always captivates us. Colorado Springs sits on the eastern edge of the peaks. On a previous visit, we discovered that there were too many sites for us to see in one trip. It took a few years, but we finally made our way back for more exploring. On this trip, we were looking for some challenges. That’s not hard when you find yourself at 6800 feet elevation. Fortunately, we had already been in the region for a couple of days. Having acclimated, we were ready to experience Broadmoor Seven Falls firsthand.

It Starts with a Hike

Sunny skies and moderate temperatures made the perfect setting for a new adventure. Access to experience Seven Falls starts at their offsite lot, which is located at 1045 Lower Gold Camp Rd. We made our way to the parking lot, where a shuttle would take us four miles to the park entrance. The shuttle is free, but tickets to the park were $18.00 each. It was one of the few times we have had to pay to see waterfalls, but the intrigue created a need to see this place for ourselves. After securing our tickets, we headed into the park. The first part of the visit includes a hike that’s just under a mile in one direction. The path slowly gains altitude, but nothing like the hikes we found in Arches National Park. There is a tram service, which costs a couple of bucks but we opted to give our legs some exercise. Hopefully, we wouldn’t regret the choice.

Counting the Falls

Before long, I found myself paying more attention to the people on the stairs. The stairs along the falls seemed to be wide enough for about 1 1/2 persons. A series of platforms allow for passing. Once on top, there are a couple of hiking trails, if the stairs didn’t wipe you out. Here’s where I made the decision not to undertake the 224 stairs that lead to the top of Seven Falls. Since hitting 60 years old, my body isn’t as accepting of stairs. We had hiked at The Flatirons, in Boulder, earlier in the week. While it was exhausting, it was also exhilarating. Now I was feeling the after effects of the climb, as parts of my body signaled their disapproval.

Experience Seven Falls

Back at the base of the falls, we found a couple of chairs that offer a firsthand view of Weimer Falls. The roaring of the falling water made conversation futile. Instead, we chose to just take in the raw beauty of nature. We relished the time we had to experience Seven Falls, but the reality of travel started to creep back in. With hunger gnawing at us, we knew it was time to start the hike back. My knees had forgiven me but I decided it would be prudent to just stroll. I think all attractions, that include elevation gain, should have the climb at the start of the visit. It was a pleasant downhill walk all the way back to the tram. So, how many of you have climbed those stairs?

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