The barrels from Buffalo Trace are the perfect decorations for downtown Frankfort, Kentucky.

Exploring Bourbon Country In Frankfort, Kentucky

There are many reasons to visit the Bluegrass State. Some visit for the southern cuisine, which we found in abundance. Others come for the horse racing or bluegrass music. During our One Day Stay in Frankfort, we discovered Kentuckian’s love their bourbon. Nowhere else are the conditions so perfect for bourbon making. From the moment we landed in downtown, we found that their world-renown American whiskey is an integral part of the culture and tradition of Bourbon Country.

We want to thank Visit Frankfort for hosting our visit. Rest assured all opinions are our own. 

A history lesson about Bourbon Country can be found during a walking tour.

Backgrounds & Beginnings

There are an assortment of ways to delve into the history of Bourbon Country. For those looking to hit the streets, there is a walking tour hosted by Colonel E.H. Taylor Jr. This one-hour guided excursion is actually led by historian Russ Kennedy. His grasp of Frankfort’s past is blended into the interesting stories that captivate his audience.  

Our guide was animated as he detailed the history of Bourbon Country.

Walking Through Bourbon Country History

The person Russ portrays is considered the founding father of the bourbon industry. Col. Taylor designed the distilling techniques that are still in use today. In fact, one of the longest operating distilleries in America can be attributed to him. Buffalo Trace, which began as Old fashioned Copper, has become a favorite among whiskey drinkers. One of Taylor’s early warehouses, built in 1881, is still in use today.  

Rebecca Ruth's candy is the home of the first Bourbon Balls.

Sweet Starts in Bourbon Country

When we saw a legacy candy shop on the Frankfort map, we had to drop by and check it out. Rebecca Ruth Candy has been creating gourmet chocolates since 1919. In fact, this family-run business is credited with inventing “Bourbon Balls”. While we had heard of them, we had never tasted these unique treats. After sampling them, we just had to pick up a box of their assorted treats for the ride home.
The Frankfort Trolley is a good way to explore the city.

Riding the Bourbon Trail

With only one day to learn as much as we could about Bourbon Country, we needed a way to see a lot of the city in a short time. Along came the Frankfort Trolley to the rescue. Running on a 45-minute loop, this FREE transportation option is a good way to see the city. Besides hitting all of the high points, our driver also chimed in with an assortment of back stories. Riders can hop off at various stops around town and rejoin to catch the rest of the stories. 

Sampling an Old Fashioned from Bourbon on Main was a way to taste Bourbon Country.

Give It a Shot

With all of this Bourbon Country history under our belt, it was time to test out this local favorite. Dinner was planned at Bourbon on Main, which is located in historic downtown Frankfort. As we made our way to our table, we could tell this place is popular with the locals. While we are not big drinkers, I am always willing to sample new tastes. I chose their BOM Old fashioned, which is made with Buffalo Trace bourbon. The sweet, yet strong, flavor has a hint of fruit taste. This was definitely a sipping drink for me. 

The food at Bourbon on Main had us licking our lips.

Bourbon Country Cuisine

We decided to split a couple of dishes, since we had already had quite a few calories during the day. The first course was Kentucky Beer Cheese, which is served with pretzel bites and celery sticks. We nibbled these until we suddenly realized they were all gone. Fortunately, our Kentucky Hot Chicken Sandwich showed up just in time. A combination of sweet and spicy made this handheld a good compliment to our starter. By the time we finished our meal, I had drained the final few drops of my drink. Time to head outdoors to walk off our day’s tastings. 

Crystal dreams about the tastes of the various candies found at Rebecca Ruth's Candy.

Bourbon Country Beginnings

Our first blogging excursion into Kentucky was leading us down the Bourbon Country trail. While previous road trips had led us past this region, this visit was giving us vital details. The history of this area is filled with unique flavors, notable landmarks, and interesting characters. Our day of discovery was filled with fun stories that we can’t wait to share with you. 

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  1. This post brought back good memories of our travels through Kentucky a few years ago. We also enjoyed a visit to the Rebecca Ruth Candy place. Lots to experience in the area.

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