This picture perfect charcuterie board was our lunch meal at Felix Street Gourmet.

Fantastic Finger Foods – Felix Street Gourmet

It seems that every destination holds at least one surprise for us. Our return visit to St. Joseph gave us a chance to not only update some previous articles but also add a new eatery. Since we love focusing on downtown areas, we headed to Seventh and Felix to see what we could find. The area is a blend of commercial businesses, boutique shops, and an assortment of public art. After taking in a few of these features, we were ready to nosh on some fantastic finger foods. Sitting on the corner of Eighth and Felix, we found our destination, Felix Street Gourmet. Their interesting business model required a closer look.

We want to thank the St. Joseph CVB and Felix Street Gourmet for hosting our visit. rest assured all opinions are our own. 

Downtown St. Joseph has plenty of art including this musician mural.

Rocking the Downtown

Our standard approach to exploring a new destination is to look for walkable areas downtown. While we had been to St. Joseph previously, this was our first time to concentrate on this particular section. We explored a few of their boutiques, while our primary focus was their art walk. Most of the public art comes in the form of sculptures, but there are some amazing murals thrown into the mix. Just up the street from Felix Street Gourmet, we spotted this music-themed mural. It features a grouping of famous musicians, but the one that drew my attention was Steve Walsh, a former lead singer of the band Kansas.

We found all of the supplies to create your own gourmet meals.

Humble Beginnings

Once our hunger had grown, we set aside our shopping adventure and moved into meal mode. Stepping into Felix Street Gourmet, we were greeted by a cheese shop. I’ll admit that it caught us off guard, but we pressed on into the next section. Here we found a bar area with a vast assortment of wines and spirits. A staff member spotted us and asked if we were shopping or dining. It was obvious that those looking to create a gourmet dinner would have no problem finding many of the ingredients at this shop. We told him that this was a meal event and he showed us to a table in the well-lit dining room.

The tray filled with fantastic finger foods is a signature dish at Felix Street Gourmet.

Fantastic Finger Foods

The menu at Felix Street Gourmet abounds with an assortment of fantastic finger foods. As we reviewed the menu, we struggled to make it past their selection of charcuterie boards. They also offer flatbread pizzas, an assortment of dips and dippers, and a wide variety of handheld sammies. Even with all of those temptations, it was the idea of a romantic meal of wine and charcuterie that drew us in. This is a meal choice that we have found to be a fun diversion from the standard separate plates we often find. We have seen this option becoming more available, like the ones we discovered at Brew Bank in Topeka, Kansas. Paired with some delectable red wine, our meal was a combination of flavor and conversation.

The upstairs patio is a good place to gather for some relaxed time.

Moving Ahead

Knowing the reason for our visit, our server introduced us to the owner, Pat Modlin. He asked us if we would like a tour of the space, which we gladly accepted. After passing back through the areas we had already discovered, Pat led us to a second-story space designed for larger parties. He expanded into this area as his business grew. There was a complete remodel to add to make this space his own. Next, he led us to an outdoor patio that is used for special occasions, weekends, and some evenings. From this vantage point, I was able to spot the musician mural we had found earlier. What a great place to kick back and wind down after a long work week.

The authors prepare to dig into their plate of fantastic finger foods.

Excuse Us While We Tear This Up

Now that we had all of the makings of a delicious lunch at our disposal, it was time to tear into it. It was interesting to sample how the various flavors could be combined to create bursts that tickled our taste buds. We discussed how each combination differed from the last. After quenching our hunger, we decided it was time to move on. While our time at Felix Street Gourmet had come to an end, the memory of this experience was sure to linger.

the authors signatures.

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  1. Jeff and Crystal, thank you for the wonderful profile of our restaurant/store. We loved having you in St Joseph and appreciate how you support local and downtown communities. Please visit us again when you make it back to St Joseph.


    Pat Modlin
    Owner | Felix Street Gourmet

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