Blacksmith Coffee is forging the future in downtown Lindsborg, Kansas.

Forging The Future At Blacksmith Coffee

We enjoy finding businesses that have re-purposed buildings but still retained a tie with the past. In Lindsborg, Kansas, we had an opportunity to enjoy a breakfast stop at Blacksmith Coffee. This homey city, referred to as “Little Sweden”, was founded in 1869. In the early days, it was the task of blacksmiths to keep the wheels of commerce turning. These vital artisans worked in hot conditions, as they toiled away through the Kansas seasons. While the forges have grown cold in Lindsborg, we found that a new generation is forging the future at Blacksmith Coffee.  

We want to thank Visit Lindsborg and Blacksmith Coffee for their hospitality. Rest assured all opinions are our own. 

A pair of lattes offer a pleasing pattern.

Breaking the Mold

Lindsborg is a city of around 3,500 residents. This number swells during the school season, as it is home to Bethany College. While the city has remained steadfast in its Swedish roots, the faces of business have learned to adapt to the changing times. The way that they are forging the future at Blacksmith Coffee, is a perfect example. We started our visit with a couple of cups of their delightful lattes. The relaxed atmosphere of the shop is perfect for easing into the day. Toss in some energy sparking drinks, and we found our explorer spirits awakening.

Blacksmith Coffee is forging the future by combining the past and present into their coffee shop.

Forging the Future

The addition of a coffee house on the main drag has certainly brought another layer of amenities to downtown Lindsborg. Blacksmith Coffee has a micro-roaster, so they can offer the freshest taste. An assortment of seating options offers customers a variety of comfort levels. A long community table sits in the middle of the space, while tables line the edge. The conversation area has some comfy armchairs for lounging. It quickly became apparent that the majority of the customers were locals, but they made us feel welcome.

e sat down for a light meal and coffee drinks at Blacksmith Coffee.

Light Start

After a heavy meal on the previous evening, we were looking for something light to start our day. We decided to add a slice of quiche and a breakfast croissant to our morning. Both were freshly assembled and offered plenty of protein to keep us running. Since our blog is heavily populated with dining articles, it happens that sometimes we are just too full to eat much more. We knew this day would hold more dining options, so we were more interested in sampling the caffeinated drinks at Blacksmith Coffee.

The history of the structure is available for visitors to Blacksmith Coffee.

Remembering the Past

While coffee houses are a common business these days, it’s special when you find one housed in a historic building. Inside Blacksmith Coffee, we found that they embrace the past by showcasing the original purpose for the structure. A few billboards tell the story of these early pioneers. The old forge still resides along one wall. We were able to see the marks, left in the brick, from where those early craftsmen created the metal hoops used for wagon wheels. As we explored the space, we wondered if those old-timers realized that they were forging the future of Lindsborg.

The authors pose for a selfie outside Blacksmith Coffee.

Ready to Explore

Now that we had our coffee fix, we were ready to head out exploring. The quaint downtown street was now teeming with activity. A group of local car owners had assembled nearby, showing off their mighty muscle cars and vintage vehicles. Shopkeepers were unlocking their doors and preparing for the day’s business. The sun was rising in the sky and daylight was burning. Time for us to get to work and start our research. After all, lunchtime would be coming sooner than expected.

the authors signatures.

10 thoughts on “Forging The Future At Blacksmith Coffee”

  1. It’s interesting to learn about the pioneers of coffee and one housed in a historic building.

    It makes a difference to the modern coffee shops with hardly any history attached. Glad you had a good time!

  2. It’s almost 4 hours away from Pittsburg. No wonder we haven’t heard about this cute town. That’s quite a coffee place you found with a good story to tell!

  3. Love a good coffee to start my morning, and I would be tempted by this place, too. I think I write about coffee more than anything else!

    How wonderful that this place is in an old blacksmith shop. Reusing a place and making it new again is so worthwhile.

    Looking forward to reading more of your adventures.

  4. I love a mug of delicious, flavorful coffee (not a Starbuck’s fan), and when it comes with interesting history, all the better!

  5. I really like your exploration of places that I’ve never even heard of. These small towns are so rich in history and in food!

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