this well-balanced meal had us going green for breakfast at Girasol Cafe & Bakery.

Going Green For Breakfast – Girasol Bakery

When we plan out our trips, it seems that breakfast can be some of the most difficult stops to pick. While we enjoy a good down-home breakfast as much as the next person, those types of places don’t make for very interesting articles. Since we want to offer plenty of options, finding an eatery that allows us the ability to showcase some unique dishes is a bonus. When we stopped at Girasol Cafe & Bakery, in Amarillo, we found ourselves going green for breakfast. Their use of fresh vegetables, fruits, and seasonings added a pop of color and loads of flavor to our morning routine.

We want to thank Visit Amarillo and Girasol Cafe & Bakery for hosting our visit. Rest assured all opinions are our own.

It was quickly apparent that Girasol Cafe is frequented by locals.

Local Love

We enjoy rooting out the places that are frequented by locals. These are usually off the beaten path and can be found in strip malls, markets, or near residential neighborhoods. It’s not that we completely avoid chains, but do we really need to tell you what they have at a place found in every city across North America? Visiting places like Girasol Cafe opens up a world of options that you may not realize even exists. When we arrived at the bakery, it was obvious that most people were stopping in to get something on their way to work. Before long, we were joined by some groups who had the time to sit for a spell.

Girasol Cafe & Bakery is a local haunt in Amarillo, Texas.

Daily Variety

What fascinates us about restaurants of this type is the ever-changing menu. While they will have a handful of dishes that become the base offerings, each day and week will bring new items. This allows the locals plenty of options, so it doesn’t become stale. Of course, with so many fresh ingredients, becoming stale isn’t an issue at Girasol Cafe. Just breathing in the delightful aromas that filled the bakery had us wanting to try everything. Obviously we weren’t going to be able to do that, but we did decide to try something new.

The Love bar is a sweet treat packed with protein from nuts and berries.

Protein Nibble

Our plans for the day included plenty of physical activity at Palo Duro Canyon. This meant that we could start with a little extra protein (and calories), and still be able to burn it off. When we spotted the Love Bar, we knew that it just had to be sampled. The texture reminded us of a blondie bar, and it was packed with the same type of sweet flavor. This version had a delicious assortment of nuts and berries for some added zest. We could have eaten these all day long.

My Brioche French Toast was cooked to perfection and the two eggs helped provide my morning protein.

New Take on Favorites

Obviously, we needed to add some variety to our meals, so I ordered up Brioche French Toast. These airy triangles were cooked perfectly. They also include two eggs prepared however you wish and a side of avocado. This was unexpected since I can’t remember ever having it served up like this. Their willingness to offer fresh produce had me going green for breakfast, which was not my usual approach. I have to admit it was a pleasant experience that I have continued to seek out since this visit. It must be true that you can teach old dogs new tricks.

The omelette with fresh sliced avocado had Crystal going green for breakfast.

Going Green for Breakfast

Crystal has always been a fan of avocado, so the menu at Girasol Cafe fit her perfectly. She selected the Vegetable Omelette and found that they served her avocado right on top. It certainly made for a pleasing plate presentation, which is important at Girasol Cafe. A side of their crispy potatoes added some starch that would stay with her while we hiked. Going green for breakfast was definitely agreeing with us.

Crystal checks out the interior of Girasol Cafe, before going green for breakfast.

Capturing the Moment

The morning sun was moving up in the sky, so we knew our time was precious. Late July in the Panhandle-Plains can bring some unpredictable weather. One thing was a sure bet and that was it would be toasty. Of course, we enjoy the warm weather much more than the cold, so this was the perfect time of year for our visit. Still, we wanted to get to the canyon before the sun was too far overhead. Our hope was to see a little wildlife before they all went into hiding from the sun. Time to dig in and devour these delectable bites laid out in front of us.

A tray filled with freshly baked cookies is hard to pass up as a delicious snack for the road.

A Little for Later

With our bellies full and our coffee needs fulfilled, it was time to make our way to our attraction destination. Girasol Cafe & Bakery had been such a great choice that we hated to leave all of this deliciousness behind. Fortunately, they still had plenty of sweet bites to choose from that would work perfectly as a quick energy boost during a day of exploring. After all, who would blame us for wanting to extend their yummy flavors farther into our day? See anything you’d like to try?

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