From the top of the tower, you get a bird's eye perspective of the Peace Circle.

Harvest Hall History Lesson

Two of our favorite things are history and eating. If we can find a way to combine the two, then we are about as happy as a couple can be. While exploring downtown Grapevine, we had a chance to do just that. While visiting Harvest Hall, we started with a delectable lunch before moving on to a history lesson about Sam Houston’s “Peace Circle”. This was sure to be a day that we would long remember.

Harvest Hall draws crowds with delicious food and social spaces.

Grapevine Gathering Place

Harvest Hall stands tall on the southern end of the historic downtown strip in Grapevine. This modern-day food hall serves as a gathering place for fun and food. Inside we discovered three main galleries. The North Hall has panoramic views of the Grapevine train depot. The South Hall offers an intimate setting for gatherings and meetings. It is the Great Hall where we spent the largest portion of our time. The large bar area has a commanding presence and makes a great starting point for our visit.

There are a variety of restaurant options in Harvest Hall.

Plenty of Dining Options

After getting a lay of the land, we were ready to find our lunch. Like all good food halls, Harvest Hall offers a multitude of options. There are three kitchens in the North Hall and four in the Great Hall. That allowed us to choose from a wide range of cuisines. I wandered around watching the chefs work their culinary magic. It’s amazing how difficult it can be to zero in on just one. After checking them all out, we were ready to order. 

We found some tasty bites before our history lesson at Harvest Hall.

Can't Try Just One

With all of the options replaying in my head, I finally landed on barbecue from Brisket Rules. Their meaty sliders packed a ton of smoky goodness on a bun. With so many delectable choices, I decided to get one each of the brisket and pork. Crystal was leaning in a completely different direction as she inspected the menu at Pizza by Luigi. Her choice of the Four Seasons Pizza was unexpected. I believe this is the first time we have had artichokes, ham, black olives, and mushrooms served up in this fashion. 

We received a history lesson during a visit to Harvest Hall.

Heading Outdoors

With our bellies full of deliciousness, we were ready students for our upcoming history lesson. While approaching Harvest Hall from the north, we had seen an art installation up ahead. Now it was time to gain a better understanding of its purpose. The Peace Circle is made up of eleven statues. It serves as a reminder of the meeting between Sam Houston and ten tribal leaders.  

Our history lesson was given by Sallie Andrews.

History Comes Alive

Our greeting from Sallie Cotter Andrews, who is a local historian in Grapevine, signaled the start of our history lesson. The time was 1843 and by then European settlements had spread far into the lands frequented by native tribes. Houston’s goal was to form an alliance of friendship, peace, and trust. This would be a key step in creating the Treaty at Bird’s Fort later that year. Sallie explained the significance of each tribal leader and reminded us that only the Comanches were not in attendance for that historic meeting. 

Crystal and Sallie face the heat of Texas during our history lesson.

Our Worlds Intertwine

While Sallie dove into the details of each tribal leader, she also divulged information about the lifestyle of each tribe. It was during this part of our meeting that our worlds collided. When Sallie mentioned that she was a descendant of the Wyandot Nation, we were awe-struck. Crystal was quick to point out that we reside in Wyandotte County, which is named for the tribe. Sallie knew our area well and we were once again reminded just how small our world has become. If you’d like to learn more about the participants at the Peace Circle, here are more details.

Sam Houston stands guard over this sacred spot.

Harvest Hall History Lesson

Our visit to Harvest Hall brought two of our favorites together. We not only enjoyed the history lesson but the new friendship we kindled with Sallie. It never ceases to amaze us how often our lives intersect with others, as we find common ground in so many of our travels. We wished we could have continued our conversation, but the Texas sun was pushing us all toward cooler spaces. After saying our goodbyes, we headed off toward more adventures in Grapevine, Texas. 

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