The decor at Pullman Place Family Restaurant is filled with railroad themed items.

Homestyle Eats At Pullman Place Family Restaurant

History tells us how the railroad was key to Westward Expansion. The race to cross the continent is well documented. Afterwards, it was the railroads that moved people and goods around the nation. Pullman Place Family Restaurant honors this important mode of transportation by including railroad memorabilia in its decor. Located in downtown Leavenworth, Kansas, this locally owned eatery has been serving up meals since 2003. During a recent day trip, we found ourselves making tracks to Pullman Place for some homestyle eats.

The author enters Pullman Place for a late lunch of j=homestyle eats, after a morning of exploring.

A Local Love

We were burning through our day quicker than we expected. By the time we stopped for lunch, it was already mid-afternoon. Fortunately, our breakfast at Harbor Lights Coffeehouse had done a good job at sustaining us. (You can read about our breakfast experience here.) With another museum to tour, we knew we should fill up first. Fortunately, the museum and lunch were just a couple blocks from each other. We hoofed it to Pullman Place, and found that the Saturday lunch rush had just finished. The staff seated us immediately and we spent a few moments to scan the menu.

Pullman Place is a favorite with locals and travelers looking for homestyle eats.

Training Your Tastes

Pullman PLace Family Restaurant has a menu filled with the type of dishes one would expect at a family diner. Comfort foods, handhelds, burgers, and blue plate meals make up the majority of the options. While some would want to opt for more creative dishes, we knew from the reviews that this place offers good value for solid flavors. After placing our order, I slipped away to check out the railroad decor. The restaurant has multiple dining rooms, and each is covered with an assortment of signs, pictures, old posters, and other train themed artifacts. There is even one dining table that has a model train running under the plexiglass top.

The authors lunch plates are homestyle eats that one finds at diners in towns all across the nation.

Homestyle Eats

The menu at Pullman Place is filled with many dishes we would include on our own menu at home. We noticed many standards, so it actually makes choosing harder. After dining at so many specialty restaurants, good old homestyle eats were sounding really good. I chose to skip over there selection of salads, soups, and burgers. My eyes landed on the Triple Decker BLT. The meal includes a side of fries and a pickle spear, which all combined to be more than I could finish.  Crystal found one of her favorites, when she spotted the French Dip Sandwich. Slices of roast beef are nestled on a hoagie bun and served with Au Jus. Her meal was also accompanied by fires and a pickle, which meant that neither of us left hungry.

The authors pose for a selfie in downtown Leavenworth, Kansas.

Make Tracks to Pullman Place

Even though the day was not sunny and warm, we were still having a blast exploring Leavenworth, Kansas. After a couple of months of staying close to home, this day trip was exactly what we needed. It reminded us how much we enjoy meeting new people and seeing new sights. Winter may not be finished having its way with the landscape, but short trips like this help keep our travel spirits soaring. In the back of our minds, we know that Spring is just around the corner. While we wait, we know that we can always enjoy a short run to our neighbor to the north. Are you ready to get back on the road?

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  1. I decided to guess which sandwich belong to whom i just knew Crystal would have picked the double decker, of course to my benefit i thought it was a hamburger not a dipped beef , ha ha glad you are enjoying your life together lots of love to both

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