A colorful shake makes the perfect accompaniment for a lunchtime meal at Catalpa Restaurant.

Sandwiches, Shakes, And Shade – Catalpa Restaurant

Who else looks forward to sampling the flavors of a new destination? For us, one of the best parts of travel is the new tastes we encounter. As foodies, each dish holds unique possibilities no matter how many versions we have savored. A day trip to Arrow Rock, Missouri offered a chance to enjoy a midday meal at Catalpa Restaurant. Even the partial lockdown due to the corona-virus couldn’t stop our chance to take in some sandwiches, shakes, and shade.

The quaintness of Catalpa Restaurant fits well in the Village of Arrow Rock, Missouri.

Cozy Comfort

While this village has a couple of dining options, we discovered that J. Huston tavern was closed due to a recent kitchen fire. That made our dining destination decision simple. After exploring some of the local historical sites, we were ready to chow down. It was easy to locate Catalpa Restaurant, since it was only offering outside dining options. As we approached, we saw a grouping of tables scattered around the front lawn. Fortunately, some mature trees were providing some much needed shade.

The menu at Catalpa Restaurant is straightforward and designed to highlight the freshness of their ingredients.

Shady Selections

We made our way to the side of the restaurant, where the line to order was queuing up. As we awaited our turn, we scanned the menu for possibilities. Their lunch options are fairly straightforward and we could tell it would include sandwiches, shakes, and shade. Keeping our social distance, we finally made our way up to the server. Our first thought was there would be a long wait. We quickly realized the six-foot gaps between groups made the line appear longer than reality.

A tray full of food is about to disappear at catalpa Restaurant in Arrow Rock.

Take It Outside

We placed our order and were given a number. Back around to the front to find a comfortable spot to await our meal. All around us we noted parties of people in some state of dining. It appeared to be a mix of locals and visitors, but all were welcoming. The first thing to arrive was our Grasshopper Shake. The neon green color contrasted with the dark brown of the chocolate. A dollop of whip cream adorned the top, and was decorated with some green sugar sprinkles. We sipped on this creamy treat as we awaited our main courses. Before long, a server delivered our tray full of goodies and we prepared to dive in.

Crystal's chicken sandwich was perfectly accented by the Basil Pesto Potato Salad.

Buttonwood Bird

One of the things we like about visiting this type of eatery is that many will strive to partner with local ingredient suppliers. Catalpa is one of those who has developed relationships that keeps a steady stream of fresh ingredients flowing into their kitchen. Crystal selected the Buttonwood Farm Chicken Sandwich that is served with meat from nearby California, Missouri. Grilled to tender perfection, she had hers slathered with Basil Pesto Mayo and nestled inside a garlic bun. It was accompanied by a helping of delicious Basil Bacon Potato Salad. I have to say that in hind sight I was pretty jealous of her choices.

The burgers at Catalpa Restaurant are a hearty option designed to satisfy a mountain of an appetite.

Beefy Bite

While Crystal’s meal was filled with some amazing flavors, my choices were not devoid of taste. The 1/2 Pound Beef Burger is a mountain of meat designed to satisfy the hungriest appetite. I had a rather light breakfast, so this meal really helped me get back on track. It is served on the same style of garlic bun, but I had them include lettuce, ketchup, mayo, and a slice of Havarti cheese. For a side, the chips and salsa sounded satisfying and it had plenty of kick to boot.

The authors pause for a selfie during their afternoon of sandwiches, shakes, and shade in Arrow Rock, Missouri.

Sandwiches, Shakes, and Shade

With our appetites satisfied, we were happier than a bird with a French fry. We paused for a moment to take a quick selfie, which helps us remember the places we visit. This lunch stop had provided a perfect mix of sandwiches, shakes, and shade. Now that we were recharged, it was time to get back to exploring Arrow Rock. There were still some historic stops, as well as a collection of shops calling our names. Perhaps our next visit to this village will find that J. Huston Tavern has reopened and we can sample its flavors, as well. One thing for certain, the Village of Arrow Rock is truly a great choice for a day trip visit.

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