L. May eatery stands out as a social hot spot in downtown Dubuque, Iowa.

Social Hot Spot At L. May Eatery

Downtown Dubuque, Iowa is filled with an eclectic mix of shops and restaurants. This walk-able destination is perfect for pedestrian visits. On a day filled with exploring, we found ourselves doing a once-around the downtown space. It started as an adventure to check out some local murals, that are found on the sides of many downtown buildings. After working up an appetite, we were ready to sample a social hot spot, just a few blocks up from our hotel. When we arrived at L. May Eatery, we could tell it was popular with the locals.

We want to thank Travel Dubuque and L. May Eatery for their hospitality. Rest assured all opinions are ours. 

The bar at L. May eatery is a social hot spot for locals and travelers alike.

Social Hot Spot

We passed by the collection of bistro tables located along the sidewalk in front of the restaurant. Even on an unusually warm evening, most of the tables were occupied. We opted to spend our meal time indoors, so we made our way inside. As we waited for our table to be readied, we noted that the bar area was another social hot spot. I made note of some fanciful drink options, as a few looked quite interesting.

Visitors catch up with friends and family at L. May eatery, a Dubuque social hot spot.

Dining with the Locals

In just a couple of minutes, our hostess led us to our table in the main dining area. There are two rooms that incorporate booths and tables into one. This works great, since Crystal prefers booth seating, while I am a chair guy. Once again, we noted that L. May Eatery could be noted as a social hot spot. While we didn’t take a survey, it was obvious that many of the guests were locals. We enjoyed the large windows, which allowed us to people watch diners inside and out.

A charcuterie sampler is the perfect thing to break the ice at this social hot spot.

Small Bites Starter

When we selected L. May Eatery for our itinerary, it was based on the rave reviews of their pizzas. To get us started, we decided to sample a couple of their signature cocktails, as well as a charcuterie board. I chose a Honey Bee Fashioned, which is a delicious blend of Iowa produced honey and bourbon. Add in the flavor of freshly muddled cherries and you have a wonderful version of a classic drink. Crystal went with a mocktail. This interesting concoction was invented by the owner’s daughter and offered plenty of flavor without the liquor. We sipped our drinks, as we nibbled on our SW Wisconsin Cheese Plate. Four kinds of local cheeses combined with prosciutto, olives, apple, artisan crackers, and a delectable chutney.

Pizza Elevated

We munched on our appetizer, as we waited for our made from scratch pizza. Our selection was the Pig & Fig. This specialty pie combines the sweetness of sliced figs and the hearty flavor of roasted pork. The cracker style crust brings a nice crispy texture. Our appetizer had taken the edge off of our hunger, and this pizza helped put it to rest. After a day filled with exploring some of Dubuque’s unique attractions, this was the perfect way to replenish our energy for an evening walk. (You can read about one of the unique stops here.)

The authors pose for a selfie during a visit to the social hot spot of Dubuque, Iowa.

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We were very pleased with our visit to this Dubuque social hot spot. A visit to L. May Eatery is definitely a good addition to any vacation itinerary. They serve up some delicious bites, and the staff is very friendly. We even had an opportunity to speak with the owner for a couple of minutes, although he was busy behind the bar. It was obvious that the restaurant is a labor of love for him. We discovered that it is named after his grandmother, Lil’ May, which just added to our love for the atmosphere. This is exactly the kind of place we like to visit during our travels. One where you will find and experience and tastes that won’t be soon forgotten.

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