e startedadventure of tasty treasures with two rounds of the craft cocktails at Doxie Slush.

Tasty Treasures – Doxie Slush

Living in the landlocked Midwest used to mean that good seafood meals were few and far between. These days, the ability to move fresh supplies worldwide has made fantastic dishes available almost anywhere. On a beautiful Fall Saturday, we traveled to Hermann, Missouri to check out their annual Oktoberfest. The lure of music, wine, and good food provided the opportunity to discover some tasty treasures in the heart of wine country.

A row of slushy dispensers offers promise of tasty treasures packed with fantastic flavors.

Slushy Sips

Where we would usually have a road trip, this time we substituted the Amtrak. After a four hour trip, we were definitely in the mood for a good meal. Some earlier reconnaissance had uncovered an interesting option named Doxie Slush. The first thing that had caught my attention was their wide range of frozen cocktails. These are quite popular in New Orleans, and we have even found a place in Kansas City that offers them. Finding a place that offers adult beverages isn’t difficult in Hermann, but this place had some other tasty treasures, as well.

A trio of brightly colored summer cocktails reminded us of the recent season that had just departed.

Summer Vibes

While the town was certainly popular, the crowds were thinner due to the pandemic. We located an open table and proceeded to scan the menu. Our server stopped by to welcome us and walk us through the various options. Doxie Slush offers a flight of 3 of their slushies, so we just had to narrow down our selections. That is harder than it would appear because they have so many amazing flavors. Finally, we asked our server to surprise us. You can imagine our delight when he delivered a trio of summertime treats. From left to right we had; Melon Mojito, Blue Hawaiian, and Strawberry Hibiscus Frosé. Each brought a sweet taste that reminds us of the summer days that had recently ended.

The Fall flavors of this round of craft cocktails had us embracing the change of the seasons.

Flavors of Fall

While the sips of the summer drinks brought delicious memories, the second flight welcomed the rich tastes of Fall. Pumpkin Spice Old-Fashioned, Caribbean Coffee, and Apple Dolce Martini all supplied a bounty of flavor that reminded us that the upcoming holiday season was just around the corner. Each of our cocktails had a nice little kick, so we were glad that our travels were in the hands of the railroad. In the meantime, we were getting ourselves in the Oktoberfest spirit in anticipation of exploring the town after lunch.

Who's up for a serving of these tasty treasures titled Manchego Beignets?

Tasty Treasures

Now before you get the idea that Doxie Slush is just another bar, we should tell you that we picked this location because of their tantalizing food menu. We discovered that owner Nicholas Renfrow is a New York City trained chef, who has brought his tropical experiences to Hermann. This is not the place to grab a plain hamburger or a chicken salad sandwich. Instead, they offer up unique flavors like their Manchego Beignets. These deep-fried crispy bites of heaven incorporate the tangy taste of Spanish cheese, that comes from sheep’s milk. What a perfect appetizer and they tasted amazing with our craft cocktails.

The Island Burger is proof that hamburgers don't have to be plain Jane, just because we are in the landlocked Midwest.

Not Your Average Burger

Now I said they don’t serve up plain hamburgers, but you will find an Island Burger on the menu. Nick’s twist on this American dish begins with a base of a certified Angus beef patty. Then he lets loose a torrent of flavors that come crashing through in every bite. The grilled pineapple and Vidalia onion strings complimented the Pepperjack cheese and smoked paprika mayo. Each bite was a combination of tastes that had me coming back over and over until there was no more. This burger is so amazing that I nearly forgot about the Sea Salt Fries that accompany it.

The Fish n' Chips is a popular entrée that brings the taste of the sea to Hermann, Missouri.

Flavors of the Sea

Crystal had chosen to begin her meal with the Fish n’ Chips. (We split both entrees, so we could sample more flavors.) Even such standard bar fare as this is kicked up to another level. We were expecting Cod filets, but Nick knows that crispy wild-caught mahi-mahi makes this dish extra special. The crispy battered bites melted in our mouths and we once again neglected the bed of sea salt fries. Doxie Slush serves up some lemon slices on the side for flavor, but the real star condiment is their dill-caper tartar sauce. They should bottle that stuff so that we can try to mimic this dish at home.

A visit to Doxie Slush will offer tons of choices from their menu filled with tasty treasures.

More Tasty Treasures

You can imagine how stuffed we were by the time we finished our meal at Doxie Slush. What we found to be the hardest task was narrowing down our food choices from their tempting menu. We know that another visit (or three) will be required to really explore the various flavors. Leaving without testing the Pork Belly Fried Rice or Scampi Mac n’ Cheese was difficult. Then there is the Southern-Fried Lobster Bucket that is packed full of tempting tastes. We told you this place is unlike any other in town. It looks like they are going to see a lot of new visitors in the near future. Bon Apetit!

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  1. michele h peterson

    What a fun place to visit! I’ve never tried a slush cocktail but had my eye on the Strawberry Hibiscus Frosé as soon as I saw the photo of what was available. The Scampi Mac n’ Cheese also sounds delish. I can’t wait until I can travel again to try treats like these!

  2. What a great concept in terms of adult slushies, are they made on site or just concentrates with alcohol introduced into mixtures? The snackies appetizers look so good with these drinks also.

  3. I’d like to go to Doxie Slush for the name alone! But the Island Burger and Manchego Beignets look amazing. You surprise me by referring to “wine country”. Didn’t think of Missouri as having a wine area.

  4. The colors alone make me want to sip each and everyone of those! What a fun destination. . .we’ve been sipping from plastic cups for months in our recent lockdown — this would put some life into the experience!

  5. A stop into Doxie Slush is a must on my list whenever I am in Hermann (I live in the vicinity and make a day trip on occasion to visit the shops). It’s always a must stop on my list. You can check their Facebook page as they have posted their new drink menu and have added some new food items as well. I forwarded your article on to the owner who was excited to read it. He remembers you both being such a sweet couple and was hopeful you would post a blog about their business.

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