The authors pose for a Virginia Beach selfie at the Love sculpture.

Virginia Beach – A Couple’s Story

Vacations are our chance to sample other parts of our world. Our excursion to Virginia was opening new opportunities to learn some history of America. While this was the main goal of our trip, we did set aside a day to just recharge. Being so close to the coast, we knew a beach day would be required. Our target was Virginia Beach with some random stops along the way. 

Breakfast at Tipsy Beans was the perfect start for a day of adventure.

Getting Started

Every vacation day should begin with a delectable breakfast. Our lodging in Williamsburg was the perfect home base for exploring the region. An early start required some sustenance, so we headed out to find food. A nearby eatery named Tipsy Beans Café provided a sunny site to dine like the locals. I chose a hearty start with a sandwich loaded with protein. Crystal is always on the hunt for a sweet treat and selected a peanut butter-granola-banana toast creation. We washed these down with some delicious lattes before hitting the road to the coast. 

Virginia Beach was just what we needed to recharge our batteries.

Virginia Beach - Sun & Sand

Virginia Beach lies about an hour from Williamsburg but traffic extended that to nearly two. Once we arrived, we drove along the main route to check out the surroundings. We spotted a lot of souvenir shops, restaurants, and non-beach entertainment options. The sun had climbed high enough to begin throwing off some major heat. Time to change clothes and claim our territory on the beach. The crowd quickly grew but we never felt like it was excessive. We splish-splashed in the surf and enjoyed some strolls along the beach. It didn’t take long for the calm to overtake us. 

Crystal shows her fierce side during a game of air hockey.

Indoor Distractions

The two of us have a lot in common and one thing is our inability to sit still for very long. After about three hours of beach time, we were ready to explore. We packed up our belongings and took them back to the car. Since our swim suits were still damp, we held off changing back into our street clothes. Now it was time to investigate some of those non-beach entertainment options we had spotted earlier. When we spotted Flipper McCoy’s Arcade (Crystal’s maiden name is McCoy), we just had to check it out. A few rounds of Skeeball were followed by a competitive game of air hockey. Our fun level had risen to near record highs.

We are always on the lookout for miniature golf courses.

Getting Our Golf On

With our suits dry, it was time to switch clothes. Now we were ready to kick up the games to the next level. No matter where we travel, our eyes are always peeled for miniature golf courses. While they are not as numerous as during our youth, we still find a way to sniff some out. We may not keep score like others but we are always aware of who is winning. It’s also a time when we don’t have an issue posing for some silly selfies. For this particular game, Crystal was on fire and I ended up being dead meat.

The authors pause for a selfie at Virginia Beach.

Virginia Beach Gets It Done

Our Virginia Beach morning began with a goal of rest and relaxation. Not only had we accomplished this, we also found a slew of new discoveries. Our lunch break was a small local restaurant with an outdoor patio. We both chose fresh fish dishes, since we figured it would be hard to get a table any closer to the ocean. Being from the middle of the country, we savor our beach moments. Even when we strayed from the sand, we tried to keep it in eye’s view. Our batteries were recharged and we were ready to get back to the world of blogging.

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