Why The Locals Love Cafe Telegraph

St. Louis, Missouri has tons of places to explore, but all of that action means working up an appetite. After our visit to the Civil War Museum and Jefferson Barracks Cemetery, we needed to find a nearby restaurant. (You can read about the museum here.) Just a couple blocks away we discovered Cafe Telegraph, a locally owned restaurant that is quite popular with the locals. Actually, it was some of the locals that keyed us in on this place, and their reviews put it high on our “must try” list.

We want to thank Cafe Telegraph and Explore St. Louis for their hospitality. Rest assured that all opinions are our own.

Diners have plenty of seating options at Cafe Telegraph in St. Louis, Missouri.

A City of Many Neighborhoods

When we sent out our request for suggestions, it was quickly apparent that St. Louis has many similarities to our own hometown. The various neighborhoods of the city have their own flavors, and the local residents help make them unique. On a rainy Spring day, we pulled into the busy parking lot, and lucked out finding a spot opening up right by the door. We dashed inside and found it to be quite roomy. The seating is divided between two bar areas and a large dining room. We were seated in the dining room, and began to review the menu.

The trays of food are sure to get your appetite started.

Food Show

Our server arrived and we spoke about the menu options. We had heard lots of suggestions, but wanted to know what were some of the most popular choices. Cafe Telegraph is well known for its smoked meats. Being from Kansas City, we are always ready to test out some local ‘cue. Bill, the General Manager, came by our table and introduced himself. As he hustled and bustled, he would swing by and show us some of the dishes that make Cafe Telegraph a local favorite.

The pulled pork at Cafe Telegraph rivals that we have tried in Kansas City.

Our Choices

Many of the dishes on the menu are named after local parish schools, and the one we chose was the St. Andrews Pulled Pork sandwich. This was Crystal’s choice, and she decided that onion rings would make a good side. When it was delivered, we were both surprised at the size of the dish. It was a sandwich large enough for a couple of people. They serve it with sauce on the side, and the meat was so tender and flavorful that we decided it didn’t need any. (She used the sauce to dip her rings.) By the time we had taken a few bites, we decided that it was as good as any pulled pork we had tasted in KC. That is saying a lot!

Fish and Chips are one of the hidden menu items at Cafe Telegraph.

Or server had clued us in on a dish that doesn’t appear on the menu, but is well liked by many. We always enjoy hearing about these “hidden gems” and tasting special dishes. At Cafe Telegraph, it is the Fish and Chips, which includes four good-sized filets and an extra side. I chose the Cole slaw, which had a nice tang to it. Both of us loved the house-made tartar sauce that comes with this meal. This was another dish that had more than enough for one. By the way, those who suggested the Fred Flintstone are just plain ornery. We saw one of these gigantic pork steaks, and would have been dining on that for a few days. Now we are no slackers at eating, but there was no way we could finish all of this food. Keep this in mind when you plan your visit to Cafe Telegraph, and be sure to bring your biggest appetite. You are sure to need it.

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