Why We Were Surprised By Blueprint Coffee

No matter how well we research, it always seems that we find at least one nugget that we had not foreseen. In St. Louis, Missouri that hidden gem was Blueprint Coffee. During a morning stroll down the DelMar Loop, we stumbled upon this diminutive coffee house. We popped in to get a fresh cup of coffee and were immediately stricken with the ambiance and charm. This was definitely going to need further investigation.

We want to thank Explore St. Louis for their hospitality. Rest assured that all opinions are our own.

Customers line up to order there drinks at Blueprint Coffee in St. Louis, Missouri.

Hopping Busy

We usually keep at least one meal spot open for surprises like this and it happened to be a breakfast. Blueprint Coffee was only a couple of blocks from our hotel, so it made an easy walking target. When we arrived they were not too busy, but this would change by the time we left. Being early risers has an advantage, especially when it comes to beating the morning rush.

A variety of baked goods are displayed for customers.

The previous visit had opened our eyes to their amazing pastries that are kept in plain view when ordering. Pretty sneaky, since it certainly made me crave one of these delicacies. When it came our turn to order, we discovered that they offer more than just these snacky type starters. Clearly this was going to take longer than we imagined. We ordered our coffee drinks and sat down to preview the menu.

Blueprint Coffee is a local coffee roaster.

Heady Aroma

It isn’t often we find our way into a coffee shop that also roasts their own beans. When we do, the aroma is heavenly. The mix of various beans add layers to the smell and made us even more eager for our hot drinks.

Beautifully decorated coffee drinks make the morning a little brighter.

Fortunately, it didn’t take long for these to be prepared and we found ourselves sipping on them. We placed our meal orders and went back to sipping our delicious sunshine in a cup. Soon our meals were ready and it was time to dig in.

A bacon and egg sandwich makes for a filling meal, before a day of exploration.

Breakfast Bites

Crystal was ready for a handheld, so she ordered one of their breakfast sandwiches. Made with egg and bacon on a toasted roll it was light yet filling. The addition of fresh fruit was a perfect compliment to the dish. Our morning schedule included a visit to the St. Louis Zoo and this sandwich was enough to fuel her for the entire visit.

The Eggs Benedict is an artful presentation that tastes as good as it looks.

Benny Bliss

I have been on a Eggs Benedict kick for a while and they had one that sounded promising. Made with eggs, bacon, some fresh greens all loaded on a homemade biscuit. The Hollandaise sauce was well balanced and added the perfect extra touch to the dish. My plate also included some fresh fruit, which added a nice sweet treat to the meal. My dish was just as filling as Crystal’s, so we were able to walk off four hours of animal viewing before heading to our next dining destination. In the end, it pays to leave a little wiggle room in your travel itinerary for that unexpected pleasure. What places have you stumbled upon during your travels? Share your best success stories in the comments section below.

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