Wichita dining -restaurants - dining - breakfast - beer - chocolate - dessert - historic dining - burgers - BBQ

12 Great Wichita Dining Options

Are you tired of settling for a chain restaurant along the interstate during your vacation? One of the most difficult choices that travelers make is where to dine. We found dining options in Wichita to be numerous, and wonderful. Join us as we recap some of our top Wichita dining choices, as well as a few specialty treats. The food and atmosphere are better when you “Visit Like A Local”.

Wichita dining -restaurants - dining - breakfast - beer - chocolate - dessert - historic dining - burgers - BBQ
Left to Right: Beacon Restaurant, Egg Crate Cafe, Jimmie’s Diner

The Most Important Meal Of The Day

We don’t know how many times we have heard that phrase, but we know it is true. Why? Because it is the meal that starts with coffee. Let’s look at three breakfast options, which are scattered around the city. The Beacon Restaurant is a staple in the downtown area, and has been serving the community for decades. It was obvious that we had entered a local favorite by the wide variety of clientele who were dining here. (read more about them here>)

Many travelers come to Wichita to visit their zoo, which is on the west side of the city. We can be counted in that number, and while there we sniffed out a great breakfast location. The Egg Crate Cafe offers a wide variety of made from scratch dishes, which we found delicious. It’s a great place to fill your tank, before heading out for a day of exploring. (read more about them here>)

At Jimmie’s Diner we were treated like family. This local chain has locations around the city, but we visited their site on the south side. This old-style diner has tons character to accompany their unique dishes. This is a stop that is sure to be a family favorite. (read more about them here>)

Wichita dining -restaurants - dining - breakfast - beer - chocolate - dessert - historic dining - burgers - BBQ
Left to Right: Delano Barbeque Co., Monarch, T.J.’s Burger House

Hand Held Wichita Dining

A good rule of thumb for us is that great meals can be found in sandwich form. Grabbing a quick bite during a day of activities is paramount, but we want to try to root out some of those local favorites. Wichita was once split between two sides, with the Delano area being the “rough and rowdy” section. These days it is home to a great selection of restaurants, and we seemed to keep finding ourselves in this area at meal time.

Now wherever we roam, we always try to locate at least one BBQ joint. I mean, we are from Kansas City, so we have a little experience with this cuisine. In Wichita, we stopped in Delano Barbeque Company to test the saucy waters of the region. While it may not be KC BBQ, it was certainly a delectable version, that stood on it’s own merits. This place is certainly a local favorite, especially at lunch time, so plan accordingly. (read more about them here>)

On another day we dropped by Monarch for a relaxing dinner. This eclectically decorated restaurant has a good variety on their menu. We found the sandwiches here to be something special. It’s not every place that smokes all of their own meats, but it certainly makes a difference in the flavor. (read more about them here>)

Our first restaurant that we tested was T.J.’s Burger House. We knew we had made a good choice when we entered the restaurant. This place was full of locals, and the old diner feel was truly nostalgic. Be prepared to eat, as the burgers are nearly 1/2 lb. after cooking. (read more about them here>)

Wichita dining -restaurants - dining - breakfast - beer - chocolate - dessert - historic dining - burgers - BBQ
Left to Right: Il Vicino Wood Fired Pizza, Public at the Brickyard, Scotch & Sirloin

Other Notable Wichita Dining Options

Spending four days in a city allows for lots of dining variety. We had satisfied our BBQ, burger, and my Cuban sandwich appetite. Now it was time to savor some of the other dishes available for Wichita dining options.

A stop at Il Vicino Wood Fired Pizza gave us a chance to enjoy a delicious pie. The bubbly crust compliments the ample toppings that come in a variety of combinations. This isn’t your regular pizza joint. Here you will get a great tasting gourmet pizza, which was designed by the founding chef. (read more about them here>)

Since we spent so much time in Old Town, it only makes sense that we find a great local restaurant in the area. Public at the Brickyard was a perfect fit for this category. This locally owned eatery prides itself in bringing the finest local ingredients into play with every dish. Their menu is focused on fewer options than some places, but they excel with the ones they offer. (read more about them here>)

During our stay, we did visit one steakhouse. Wichita has lots of them to choose from, but only one ranks in America’s top 20 for wine. At Scotch & Sirloin guests can enjoy exquisitely prepared dishes in a fashionable atmosphere. Be sure to sample some wine, and watch them serve from their unique Riedel decanters.

Wichita dining -restaurants - dining - breakfast - beer - chocolate - dessert - historic dining - burgers - BBQ
Left to Right: Cocoa Dolce, Aero Plains Brewery, Milkfloat

A Little Something Extra

While it is important to eat healthy, well-balanced meals, there is something to be said for those bonus items. Whether savoring a sweet treat or sipping a cool beverage, a few indulgences make it feel more like a special occasion.

We have visited a fair number of chocolate shops, but Cocoa Dolce was our first chocolate lounge. This specialty shop offers customers a chance to relax and enjoy their favorite type of treat. A wide variety of sweets can be paired with wine or spirits for a unique experience. (read more about them here>)

Aero Plains Brewery is a fun craft beer maker in the Delano section of Wichita. It is obvious that the owners have a true love for beer making, and pride themselves in delivering exceptional products. 

A fairly new option in Wichita dining is Milkfloat, which also resides in Delano. This specialty dessert shop offer house-made sweets in many forms. We had so many options to choose from, and wish we could have tested them all. I guess it gives us a reason to return to Wichita.  (read more about them here>)

As you can see, there are lots of great Wichita dining options to be discovered. When you make your visit to this Midwestern city, be sure to get off the interstate and sample some of the locally produced cuisines.

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