The Buttered Biscuit serves up southern cuisine to the locals.

4 Reasons to Visit The Buttered Biscuit

Southern cooking is all about comfort, so you know we love it. While some would consider Bentonville, Arkansas to be the northern edge of the south, we found it gives them a unique position in the culinary world. This vibrant city has a ton of interesting dining options that capture the flavors of the region. We were enjoying sampling all of the flavors that flow around the city. It seemed like each meal brought a new twist on southern cuisine. For our final meal, we made a stop at The Buttered Biscuit. Let’s check out the 4 reasons to visit this homestyle eatery.

We want to thank Visit Bentonville and The Buttered Biscuit for hosting our visit. Rest assured all opinions are our own. 

Hanging out with the locals was one of the 4 reasons to visit The Buttered Biscuit.

#1 – Visit Like a Local

We have read many tips about how to predict the quality of a restaurant. While the theories are vast in number, we usually find that seeing a throng of locals is a pretty good indicator. When we arrived at The Buttered Biscuit, we found a gathering of locals that hinted at the goodness found inside. During blogging outings, we will sometimes have reservations that help us streamline our schedule. Since this was our last morning in Bentonville, we decided to just go with the flow. Even with a large gathering, the wait wasn’t too long. We actually enjoy this type of opportunity to mingle with the locals and hear their stories.

We were pleasantly surprised to be served up a p[late of beignets at The Buttered Biscuit.

#2 – Southern Style

Once we were seated, our server arrived to welcome us. You know that coffee was a must, but we were pleasantly surprised when he dropped off a plate of Biscuit Beignets. There are only a few appetizers on the menu and this one is the local favorite. You can imagine that we would not turn up our nose to a sweet treat and beignets are one of our favorite southern delights. Of our 4 reasons to visit The Buttered Biscuit, this one definitely ranks at the top of the food items. The fried pillows were golden brown and drizzled with powdered sugar and raspberry melba. A scoop of honey marmalade added another layer of flavor and just like that, they disappeared.

A healthy start to the day can be found with a serving of avocado toast.

#3 – Take a Healthy Turn

Our only other stop for the day was a visit to Coler Mountain Bike Preserve. With an uncertain amount of physical exercise in our near future, we knew that we should keep it light. Crystal decided that the Avocado Grove Toast was her best option. While I have never ordered this dish, she seems to seek it out more often than not. This version included sourdough bread as a base and a slice of melted Swiss cheese. A pair of eggs and a fresh spring mix salad rounded out the meal. It was obvious from her smile that this version was delightful.

There is a bounty of flavors to be found in the dishes at The Buttered Biscuit.

#4 – Something New to Taste

I was ready to step out of the normal and try something new. The shortlist of biscuit sandwiches caught my attention, but we had already experienced this type of dish at a restaurant in Kansas City. Instead, I went with the Seafood Omelet, which brought the flavors of the Pacific coast to my plate. It comes stuffed with fresh vegetables, as well as shrimp and lump crab meat. It was undeniably the most unique egg dish I had experienced. Each bite brought a wave of flavors crashing down on my taste buds. The meal includes one of their signature biscuits and a serving of Orange Honey Butter.

We found more than 4 reasons to visit The Buttered Biscuits.

More than 4 Reasons to Visit

During our visit to The Buttered Biscuit, we fell in love with this local eatery. While we have provided 4 reasons to visit, there are many more. The friendly staff serves patrons with a smile, even though they face a steady flow of customers. After speaking with a few of them, it is obvious that they love working at The Buttered Biscuit. This resonates with the locals who flock to the restaurant to get their fix of southern cuisine. They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why not make it the best that it can be?

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