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Canopy Dwelling At Treehouse Cottages

When we decided to visit Eureka Springs, Arkansas there was a specific type of lodging that we have always wanted to experience. We have stayed in some of the local cabins in the past, but the chance to hang out in the treetops seemed like an extra special treat. When Treehouse Cottages offered to host our stay, we knew we would be in for a great time. With seven lofty lodgings, and one firmly planted on the ground, Terry and Patsy Miller have developed quite a collection of unique cabins. The list of amenities included with each hinted to a luxurious stay, which we were anxiously anticipating.

We want to thank the Treehouse Cottages for their hospitality. Rest assured that all opinions are our own.

The Treehouse Cottages are cabins elevated above the forest floor.

First Glance

At the office we met Laura, who had been our point of contact during the booking phase. She explained some of the background of the treehouses, and the people who started them. After a pleasant conversation, that included some great tips on dining and attractions nearby, Laura gave us directions to the hidden drive which leads to our cabin. The gravel road wound through a densely wooded area and up to the “Towering Pines” cottage, where we would spend the next couple of days. Along the drive we passed a couple of other drives that led to other cabins on the property. They are spaced out to ensure that each has plenty of privacy. Our cabin has an appropriate name, as it sits within a grove of pine trees. The staircase led us up to our cabin, which sits 24 feet above the ground. Just outside the door we found a note from Patsy and Terry, the owners. While they were unavailable to meet with us, they wanted to make sure we had a pleasant visit. We love these types of special touches.

The interior of the Towering Pines cottage is luxurious and homey.

Home Away From Home

Before our trip we had scoped out pictures of our lodging from the website. Now that we were here, we found the pictures only tell part of the story. We entered the cabin and immediately fell in love with it. The spacious main room had a warm and inviting atmosphere, and was peppered with charming accents. Staff had left the music playing for our arrival, and the place makes you feel like curling up in front of a fire, while the world passes by outside. Of course, the weather was too warm for a fire, but we could imagine this place would make a nice sanctuary in the winter as the snow fell outside. Our schedule would limit our total time in the cabin, but we planned to enjoy it as much as possible. We set about exploring our space, which included a kitchen area with full-size refrigerator. Inside it we found some juice, as well as a loaf of homemade sweet bread for our breakfast. Another one of those special touches that make for wonderful memories. A comfy recliner love seat offers a good place to enjoy a movie or a roaring fire. The vaulted ceiling, and plentiful hardwood added to the homey feeling, which made us feel instantly at ease.

A bistro set makes enjoying the raised deck a breeze.

It’s All About The Views

The star of the show may be the cabin, but the setting makes it extra special. We stepped out the back door, and found ourselves on a wrap around deck that perches far above the forest floor. A bistro table and chairs are available for resting, which we found quite useful for our coffee time in the mornings. There is also a grill on hand for those wishing to stay in and cook their own dinner. We will have to keep that in mind for our next visit.

A heart shaped Jacuzzi tub offers a great spot to view the forest that surrounds the Treehouse Cottages.

The peaceful views are not just visible from this deck. Large windows line the back wall of the cabin, and offer panoramic views of the forest. There is also a heart shaped Jacuzzi that has wrap around windows. This is the perfect place to soak away the stress of life, while watching the birds flutter through the treetops. The way the cabins are positioned on the property allows for complete privacy while enjoying this feature. Our stay at the Treehouse Cottages offered us a chance to unwind and reconnect, which is something that every couple needs and deserves. While we always look for the positives in every place we stay, some are easier to spot. This cabin in the woods will stay in our memories for a long time. Wouldn’t this make a perfect destination for your next romantic getaway?

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  1. This was a fun story my dear , i remember when you went and you telling me about it and how much you really liked it , tried to send your weekend edition to Judy Hanson , we were talking about and i asked if she had seen one and she was anxious to read it , she had seen some of Jeffs and was wondering what all was going on with you kids so i told her , she had saw some when i shared your articles

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