Black Sheep Burger in Springfield, Missouri.

Can You Handle Black Sheep Burger?

Black Sheep Burger is a prime example of why Springfield, Missouri is a food lovers destination. This city has an amazingly wide variety of dining options. We were told that many restaurateurs will use this city as a testing market for new ideas. That means diners have first shot at some of the best foods around.

Black Sheep Burger - Springfield Missouri restaurants - burgers - adult shakes
Blues Brothers Burger

Why Black Sheep Burger?

The name of the restaurant has an interesting story. The owners have two other restaurants in Springfield. Both are more of the upscale dining venue style. When the opportunity presented itself to start a burger joint, the name became rather fitting. This is the Black Sheep of their restaurant family. That doesn’t mean the food is of any lower standards. In fact, this place is a local hot spot. If you don’t call in advance, you can expect a wait. Fortunately, it shouldn’t be too long, but it will certainly be worth it. This place has a target menu, which is heavy on the burger side, as one would expect. The Angus beef patties are tender and juicy, but it’s the toppings that make them extra special. Crystal chose the Blues Brothers Burger, which comes topped with butter lettuce, tomato, pickle, candied bacon, and avocado. To add another layer of flavor, they also toss in some truffle mayonnaise. All of this is placed on a pair of 4 oz. patties. That’s a heaping of good eating.

Black Sheep Burger - Springfield Missouri restaurants - burgers - adult shakes
Cowboy Carl is more than a mouthful.

Bring It On!

The advantage of doing the research beforehand is that I have a chance to dwell on the menu options at Black Sheep. The Cowboy Carl had piqued my interest from the first time I saw it described. This monstrosity takes all of the best things I love, and piles them all on a bun. How could I pass up this opportunity? Besides a 4 oz. Angus patty, there is also a pile of smoked brisket. This is capped with spicy fried onions, candied bacon, sharp white cheddar, pickles, and a delicious BBQ sauce. Of course, when they delivered my prize I began wondering what I had gotten myself into. Not being one to shirk from a task, I decided to divide and conquer. Fortunately, we had seen the size of the burgers when we entered, so we chose to split an order of the Sea Salt n’ Pepper Fries. By the way, these are crispy and delicious. In the end, we were both bested by our burgers, and we gave up the fight before finishing them.

It was difficult passing up some of the other burger options. They have their own spin on a Philly, which uses filet mignon. The Godfather is a monster meal that includes two 4 oz. patties, locally made Italian sausage, and a tomato-basil soup for dipping. It even comes with a pair of gloves to wear while dipping to keep your hands clean. The chicken option of a burger has an interesting flavor combination, and there is even a Quinoa patty available for those looking to forego the meat.

Black Sheep Burger - Springfield Missouri restaurants - burgers - adult shakes
Adult shakes are available.

The Extras

Black Sheep Burger does things beside burgers. They offer a couple hot dog options, as well as a couple of salads. The sides are as unique as their burger options. The Waffle Mac n’ Cheese is an interesting option, and can even be served with chili on top. Sweet potato fries come topped with marshmallow cream and pecans. The fries come in three different flavor combinations, along with some interesting dipping sauce options. The kids aren’t forgotten, as they have three meal choices for them. Now of course you will need something to wash all of this food down. Black Sheep has a full bar, and offers up some unique shakes in adult or non-alcoholic versions. They also have quite a few brews on hand, and include a few interesting cocktails on the menu.

They are located in the Center City area, which has a hip vibe. There are lots of unique shops to enjoy, and you might just find that perfect collectible to remember your visit. Apparel stores offer up some interesting options, as well. This part of Springfield makes a great day destination, as you can park and walk the whole area. Of course, when hunger hits make sure you know the quickest route to Black Sheep Burgers.

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