Bringing Brunch To Downtown Oklahoma City – Kitchen 324

You may have noticed that we have a thing for downtown areas of destinations we visit. Over the past few years, we are seeing more and more cities experiencing a revitalization of their urban regions. This return to the core has sparked the opening of some unique attractions, shops, and lodging options. Of course, when you create reasons for people to visit, you will need to be able to feed them. During a summer visit, we found that Kitchen 324 is bringing brunch to downtown Oklahoma City.

We want to thank Visit OKC and Kitchen 324 for their hospitality. Rest assured all opinions are our own. 

A blend of locals and travelers dine together at Kitchen 324.

Urban Digs

On this visit to OKC, we found ourselves staying at the Colcord Hotel, which is right in the heart of the urban revitalization. (You can check out Colcord here.) As we scoped out the map of nearby options, Kitchen 324 offered a promising meal within easy walking distance. Since we were winding down a four-city trip, we decided to sleep in on our last day. No problem, since breakfast was so close. When we arrived, we found that the restaurant is housed in the old Braniff Airlines building, which was built in 1923. You don’t find that kind of history in the suburbs. From the brunch crowd, it was clear that we weren’t the only ones who appreciate this.

The breakfast Bowl is a flavor packed brunch option that includes a ton of locally sourced ingredients.

Intriguing Ingredients

Once we started diving into the menu, we found that Kitchen 324 is mixing it up with some interesting flavor combinations. Crystal liked the sound of the Breakfast Bowl, which has an eclectic collection of ingredients. This veggie-packed dish has Brussel sprouts, avocado, and sweet potato, all tossed with kale pesto. She found plenty of protein in the dish, as well. They have this delightful bacon mixed in and top the whole thing with a pair of eggs. Now, that’s what we call a hearty breakfast.

The Hot Chicken Biscuit is one of the amazing dishes that show Kitchen 324 is bringing brunch to downtown Oklahoma City.

New Twists

I had been thinking about chicken & waffles since we were south of the Mason-Dixon line. When I spotted the Hot Chicken Biscuit, I forgot all about that other dish. I mean, this plate is a great example of how Kitchen 324 is bringing brunch to downtown Oklahoma City. The base for this delectable dish is their homemade biscuit. This place knocks baked goods out of the park. A crispy, and slightly spicy, chicken breast is topped with a fried egg. That’s all it takes to make this sandwich, but the flavor goes on for days. Of course, they toss on a side of their crispy potato wedges, and I ordered some of their McCabe’s Crispy Bacon to round out my meal.

A beautifully decorated pastry case tempts diners who visit Kitchen 324.

Picturesque Presentation

After we had ordered, but before our meals arrived, we had an opportunity to explore the restaurant. A nearby pastry counter was decorated with tempting treasures, that we made a mental note of for later. Our server had mentioned these treats, during our conversation. The manager came by to welcome us, and we were able to have a short conversation. She explained that Kitchen 324 sources locally produced ingredients, whenever possible. This idea seems to be catching on throughout the country, and we like it. We have found that it brings flavor back to dishes without the need to over-season the food.

Brining brunch to downtown Oklahoma City includes some amazing pastry options.

Tasty Treats

Once we had finished our meals, it was time to decide just how full we wanted to be. Since we had a morning of exploring in front of us, we figured we could walk away from the extra calories that would come from one of the sweet treats in the pastry case. With so many choices, we knew that this would be tough. After tough negotiations, we agreed on the Cro-Conut. This airy puff of sinful delight combines the tastes of coconut and rum into one dreamy dish. You can bet that this quickly disappeared, and it was worth every heavenly bite.

Crystal waits patiently as I capture our eye pleasing dishes.

Bringing Brunch to Downtown Oklahoma City

The flavors we discovered at Kitchen 324 were amazing. As we were dining, a couple was seated at the table next to us. Being out-of-towners, they had happened upon this spot. When they asked how the food was, it sparked a conversation about downtown dining. They had also noticed the increase in flavorful options in more of the downtown areas of cities they have visited. It confirmed what we already knew as a growing trend. This makes us confident that we will discover even more, as we develop our travel itinerary for 2020. We hope to show more places pushing the envelope, much like Kitchen 324 is doing with bringing brunch to downtown Oklahoma City. What cities have some of your favorite downtowns to explore?

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