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Chocolate Goodness At Cocoa Dolce

Visits to places like Cocoa Dolce can be very hard on us. Being travel bloggers means that we spend lots of time testing a wide variety of foods. When it comes to sweets, we try to locate the really good ones, so a small portion will suffice. Of course, If it’s really good chocolate who can stop at just a small portion?

We want to thank the Cocoa Dolce for their hospitality. Rest assured that all opinions are our own.

Display of chocolates at Cocoa Dolce.

Cocoa Dolce’s Lounge

Our research of Wichita uncovered something we had never heard of before. The idea of a chocolate lounge was intriguing, so we arranged a visit, and added it to our itinerary. Cocoa Dolce’s lounge is a place for customers to relax and enjoy their visit. This is a concept we had not had the pleasure of participating in at other shops. Sure, we have been to plenty of chocolate shops in many cities, and quite a few have some small tables and chairs set up for customers. Usually it is more of an afterthought, designed to allow people to hurriedly finish a small treat that they had purchased. Cocoa Dolce has taken the idea to a whole new level.

Cocoa Dolce interior

During our visit we saw people lounging over coffee or an over-sized scoop of gelato. We have all seen people at Starbucks working on their laptops while sipping a cappuccino. Well imagine that same scenario, except with a glass of wine and scrumptious chocolates. Yes, I said wine! At Cocoa Dolce they offer a selection of reds, whites, bubbly, dessert wines, and even a few craft beers. For those preferring a hot beverage, you can order a hot chocolate, mocha or espresso. To these you can add a wide range of flavorings, as well as a few enticing spirits.

Assorted chocolates.

Chocolate Heaven

Okay we all know you don’t head to a chocolatier just for a drink. Sure they make a great compliment, but we were there for the chocolate. The chocolatiers at Cocoa Dolce have taken chocolate making to the level of artwork. Customers waiting to make their purchase are tempted by a wide range of flavors. Salted caramel, raspberry, coconut cream, lemon, and key lime are a few of the many choices you will face. Every piece has its own artful decoration, and is almost too beautiful to eat. I said almost! What a shame it would be for these delicate wonders to be left uneaten. Just as we had a purpose to visit Cocoa Dolce, the chocolates had a purpose as well. To be savored for all of their chocolaty goodness.

Our box of chocolates.

Our visit was timed to take place just before dinner, so we had to refrain from tasting the chocolates until later.  After our research interview, we were sent home with a goodie bag filled with a wide range of their products. I’ve said it before, there are some perks to being bloggers. Once back in our hotel that evening, we tasted the salted chocolate caramels. These were so delicious that we were tempted to finish off the box in one sitting. Of course, we still had many other varieties to test. It is difficult to imagine, but every new item we tested seemed even better than the last. We were in chocolate heaven, and you will be too. Have you ever visited Cocoa Dolce? If so, what was your favorite treat from all of their products?

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