Shopping is one of our favorite activities when spending couples time in St. Charles.

Couples Time In St. Charles

While many of our excursions are designed to showcase family-friendly travel destinations, sometimes we look for a different type of getaway. While searching for something unique, we discovered a place that would make a perfect escape for the two of us. Since we both enjoy many of the same things, we decided to spend some couples time in St. Charles, Illinois. Our research had uncovered a plethora of possibilities and we couldn’t wait to visit. It didn’t take long for us to fall in love with this upscale escape.

We want to thank the St. Charles Business Alliance for hosting our visit. Rest assured all opinions are our own.

The Fox river flows gently through the heart of St. Charles.

Chill Time

Intending to have the best experience possible, we made sure that there was plenty of time allotted for slowing down. This is easy to do, as the vibe of the city is relaxed. The downtown is laid out in a pattern that makes it very walkable. This is perfect for enhancing couple time in St. Charles. After parking our car, we headed to Mt. St. Mary Park, where we strolled through the public art. Situated along the shore of the Fox River, which bisects the downtown, the park offers some beautiful views. There is even a pedestrian bridge that aids in traversing both sides of the river.

There is plenty of retail therapy options in downtown St. Charles, Illinois.

Retail Therapy

It’s no secret that we love shopping. We even give bonus points for locally-owned boutique stores. There is plenty to keep a couple occupied between meals. Crystal was enjoying all of the cute clothes she found at the stores. I was happy to see her having so much fun. With so many choices, we had no problem finding some Christmas gifts for family and friends. It’s easy to imagine St. Charles being a good destination for a girlfriend’s weekend. Between salons, shops, and restaurants, this city has something for everyone.

During our couples time in St. Charles, we found this uniquely macabre shop.

Scary Treat

Some of you guys may be thinking that all of these boutiques aren’t your cup of tea. Don’t worry, they have some unique shops that appeal to us, as well. While strolling along Main Street, we happened upon Ghoulish Mortals. This macabre store is filled with frighteningly fascinating merchandise. As we perused their stock, we found memorabilia from just about every horror movie we have ever heard of or seen. It was the perfect stop to grab some unusual pieces for Halloween and gift giving.

St. Charles is home to a plethora of annual events.

Artistic Outing

Our couples time in St. Charles happened to overlap with their annual Fine Arts Festival. This is just one of many annual events that take place along the Fox River. It was nice to just stroll through the booths and check out the variety of pieces on display. Whether you are an art lover or just into people-watching, these types of events are a perfect fit. We’ve gotten into the habit of picking up small mementos from our journeys and locally made art is one of our favorite choices. Not looking to add to your collection? The art festival even has a section where visitors can take a turn showcasing their artistic talent. Crystal jumped in and added a special touch from us.

A paddlewheel riverboat cruise is a great way to relax after a day of shopping.

Floating the Fox River

The Fox River has a powerful presence in St. Charles. The peaceful water flow downstream bisects the city. At nearby Pottawatomie Park, travelers can mingle with locals as they explore the banks of the river. As we explored the park, we saw groups of people enjoying picnics and parties. The local miniature golf course was packed with participants enjoying the great outdoors. Spotting a paddlewheel riverboat sparked the idea to take a sightseeing cruise. This has been a favorite activity of visitors since the mid-1940s. While the boats have been replaced over the years, the relaxed pleasure of a riverboat cruise is still entertaining.

Who wouldn't enjoy a meal and show at a speakeasy?

Hidden Delight

Even on vacation, we still try to stick to our regular dating schedule. After over 40 years, this has helped us keep the spark alive in our relationship. Not all dates are at the same level, as some are extra special. Our visit to Club Arcada certainly attained “extra special” status. This historic theater is still in operation but now has an added feature. After taking the elevator to the 3rd floor, we were snuck into their speakeasy. Talk about a fun way to make dinner extraordinary. We felt like we were stepping back into the Roaring Twenties, complete with all of the Hollywood star power from those days.

The authors pose for a selfie during their couples time in St. Charles.

Couples Time in St. Charles

When we tell people that we are travel bloggers, we often hear the reply “Where can I get that job?” While the reality is that there is a lot of behind-the-scenes work and expense, it is still an amazing job. It is hard to label it a job, because we are always enjoying ourselves. Our couples time in St. Charles was another chance to meet new people and learn about a new destination. Immersing ourselves in the local scene helps us connect with the roots of the city and feel like we have had a cultural experience. St. Charles is an amazing destination choice for a couple’s escape, family vacation, or girlfriend’s outing. We’d love to hear some of your stories from visits to this “Gem on the Fox River”.

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