The interior of DLux is decorated with a trendy vibe.

DLux – Smashed To Perfection

With only a couple of days set aside to explore Madison, we knew we’d have to keep on the move. Obviously, there would need to be meal breaks. Not just to refuel, but so that we could sample some of the flavors of this Midwest city. After a day of museum visits, we were looking forward to one of the local burger joints. DLux is located in the capital square area, so it was just a few steps from our last attraction. Our goal for this visit was to find a burger that is smashed to perfection.

We want to thank Destination Madison for hosting our visit. Rest assured all opinions are our own. 

The Wisconsin capitol is framed by a fountain.

Capital Eats

Like most metropolitan cities, Madison is chocked full of dining destinations. Within sight of the capitol rotunda, we spotted over a dozen choices. Almost every cuisine imaginable can be found here, but this evening we were hankering for some beef. After wrapping up our visit to the Wisconsin History Museum, we strolled around the square to DLux. We had identified this restaurant during our planning phase, and I couldn’t wait to try it out. While we have tasted burgers from all around the country, it’s not often that we find smash burgers so far North.

The retro feel of DLux is complimented by leather stools and vibrant artwork.

Trendy Vibe

Entering into DLux, we were greeted by a funky vibe that reminded us of a 1970s lounge. The bar occupied the center of the space and offered a comfortable place for enjoying a local Happy Hour. The color scheme was muted, which made the colorful artwork pop off the walls. It was the art that caught our attention. An assortment of iconic creations, that are easily recoginzable, filled the canvasses. It certainly provided plenty to examine as we perused the menu.

The smash burgers at DLux are flavor packed and hearty.

DLux Dishes

The menu at DLux isn’t limited to burgers, but that’s what we were seeking. We passed right over the soups and salads and headed straight for the beef lovers section. There were six versions to choose from during our visit. Each one was packed with its own unique flavor combinations. We noticed that diners could substitute chicken breast or a vegan option, but it didn’t influence our final selections. We chose the Smoke Show for its combination of cheddar cheese, bacon, onion straws, and BBQ sauce. Everything we would expect from the name. Our second burger was Black & Blue, which uses blackened smash burgers that are topped with bacon, onion jam, and chunks of tangy blue cheese.

The authors had an eyepopping experience during their visit to DLux in Madison, Wisconsin.

Smashed to Perfection

The concept behind smash burgers is crispy outside edges with juicy interiors. DLux has perfected this approach and we were shocked at the size of our servings. When you toss in the substantial sides, it was a lot of food. We knew immediately that we wouldn’t finish our meals, but we gave it a valiant effort. In the end, we left the restaurant plump and happy. Since Madison is such a walkable city, we decided to stroll around and let our dinner settle. This was a meal that we would remember for quite some time and one we are pleased to share with you. When you make your vacation plans for Wisconsin’s capital city, be sure to add DLux to your itinerary. You’ll be glad you did.

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