There's plenty to see during some food truck fun at Grateful Shed.

Food Truck Fun – Grateful Shed

These days food trucks have seen a surge in popularity. This is partly due to the expansion of cuisines being offered by them. Long gone are the days that they merely featured burgers and dogs. Now you can find just about any specialty food being served up with flair. During our visit to Wisconsin Dells, we decided to have some food truck fun by making Grateful Shed our lunch destination. What we discovered is a street food paradise filled where every hour is Happy Hour.

There is so much to see, at Grateful Shed, that you can explore for quite a while.

Funky Vibe

It’s not uncommon for us to visit a locally-owned restaurant that has grown into its first brick & mortar. We love finding places like that because we know they got there by being embraced by the locals. It was a little different at Grateful Shed, as here we found food trucks being used in the design of the permanent structure. Stepping through the doorway, we discovered a colorful interior design that begs to be explored. Scanning the room, we spotted a variety of iconic images from days gone by. It was a little like Laugh-In meets roller rink with a side of food truck fun.

There are some unique seating choices at Grateful Shed.

Perfect Perch

We decided it would be best to find our seating preference before selecting our food. The list of choices is vast, so it would take a little firsthand knowledge to decide. The floor level has bar seats, as well as booths built into the converted VW microbuses. Heading upstairs, we found more options to choose from. Perhaps we should dine inside a repurposed Greyhound bus. It was almost too much for us, but we finally agreed on our favorite. After our evening of sensory overload, at Wizard’s Quest, we should have been prepared for this type of scene.

Grateful Shed offers a few options for diners to choose from at mealtime.

Groovy Choices

With this decision made, we were ready to scope out the food truck fun. We’ve attended a few food truck frenzy events, where a variety of trucks all descend upon one location. At Grateful Shed they offer a micro version of that experience. So now we were faced with more choices. Perhaps a couple of slices of pizza would hit the spot. Oh wait, there’s a grilled cheese truck serving up a variety of handheld options. There was also a sweets provider, but we had already made plans for our dessert of the day at a later stop.

Mexican cuisine was on our minds during our food truck fun at Grateful Shed.

Food Fiesta

It was finally decided to check out the Mexican cuisine scene. We have tons of great street taco restaurants in Kansas City, so why not sample the ones in Wisconsin Dells. Pasqual’s Cantina was a popular stop, so we joined the line. They offer six street taco versions and allow customers to mix and match sets of three. We chose Carnitas, Chicken Fajita, and a Gringo. A side of Chips and Guacamole provided some additional protein for our upcoming afternoon of exploring.

The authors stepped back in time for some food truck fun at Grateful Shed.

Food Truck Fun

Out of all the fun seating options, we couldn’t pass up the VW microbus. Talk about a blast from the past. Our family had one of these during my youth. I can remember the camping trips we took and the excitement they provided, even if we kids usually slept outdoors. We were enjoying our walk down memory lane with all of this food truck fun. Wisconsin Dells is designed as a family-friendly destination. Grateful Shed helps keep the fun rolling with its unique style. What are your favorite food truck dishes?

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  1. Food truck adventures are the best! Grateful Shed sounds like a groovy spot with a unique vibe. Exploring the VW microbus seating is a blast from the past. The fusion of local charm and food truck fun is a recipe for a memorable experience. Can’t wait to explore more food truck delights. 😋🚐 #FoodTruckFridays

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