A table filled with delectable dishes is served up at Eat At Syrup, in St. Charles, Illinois.

Eat At Syrup – An Elevated Breakfast

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When you have a day packed full of exploring, it’s especially vital. Of course, we find that good food makes the meal that much more memorable. St. Charles, Illinois was proving to be a great walking destination, so we definitely needed to keep up our strength. Starting our day with an elevated breakfast, from Eat At Syrup, was a perfect fit for a pair of road weary travelers. Little did we realize, we were about to have an upscale farmhouse experience.

We want to thank the St. Charles Business Alliance for hosting our visit. Rest assured all opinions are our own. 

Eat At Syrup is a local favorite in St. Charles, Illinois.

Eat At Syrup

We were well into our visit in this Chicago suburb and had already created some lasting memories. I don’t know how many of your travel stories revolve around food, but we find many eateries that are especially noteworthy. Eat At Syrup had popped up on our radar during our planning phase and we were anxious to sample their upscale farmhouse breakfast. From the solid gathering that had already assembled, we could see that this place was extremely popular with the locals. That is a positive sight for us and bespeaks of some great eats to come. Just the aroma in the restaurant was enough to get my hunger kicked into high gear.

A five-egg omelet is more than a match for our appetites.

How Many Eggs?

Let’s just put it out there, the omelets at Eat At Syrup are a mountain of food. When we were haggling over what to order, it was decided to present a couple of mainstream choices. I left Crystal to select the sweet side, while I went hog wild with the savory choice. Seeing the Santa Fe Omelet was enough for me to stop perusing the menu. This gargantuan creation boasts five eggs. (Yes, I said FIVE.) Toss in hickory smoked bacon, avocado, cheddar cheese, and Ranchero salsa for extra punch. Of course, they had to drizzle it with a crema sauce and sprinkle on some chives. This massive meal had so many great flavors combining to keep bringing us back for more.

A Mini Waffle Flight is a great way to sample a variety of sweet flavors.

Plethora of Pancakes

As I said, Crystal was in charge of the sweet side and ordered up the Mini Waffle Flight. This tray of tempting delights allowed us to sample all of the great tastes in one meal. From left to right, each waffle brought its own unique flavor combination. We started with the Chocolate Chip Bacon, which combined sweet and savory all in one. The Bananza surprised us with its cinnamon filling that played well with the fresh bananas. The Maui combines lemon zested mascarpone with coconut and strawberries for a taste of the islands. By the time we made it to the Raspberry Mascarpone, we were finding ourselves in a sugary world of satisfaction.

The authors walk off some of the calories they discovered at Eat At Syrup.

Fuel for Exploring

We had barely scratched the surface of the St. Charles dining scene and were already immensely impressed. When looking for the perfect couple’s escape, we find that dining options have to be solid. With a distinctive meal at a local speakeasy already under our belt, we were finding this to be one of our best dining destinations. We still had plenty more exploring to do, which means there will be chances to add to our growing list of luscious eats. For now, it was time to walk off some of those calories, which aren’t supposed to count on vacation. How many of you consider dining to be one of the best parts of travel?

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