Our horse team was happy to pose for a photo before hauling us through the canyon.

Lost Canyon Horse Tours – Traveling Through Time

The Wisconsin Dells resembles an alien landscape filled with shady slot canyons. Most were created over 15,000 years ago and have amazed mankind for generations. Passing through the sheltered gorges feels like traveling through time. An excursion on the Dells Boat Tour had given us our first taste of these features, but left us desiring more. We stopped by Lost Canyon Horse Tours for an in-depth look into the deepest land canyon in Wisconsin. Along the way, we would make some new friends.

The Lost Canyon Horse Tours is a relaxing way to take in the natural beauty of the Wisconsin Dells.

Hidden Gem

Lost Canyon Horse Tours have been operated by the same family for the past 55 years. Needless to say, they are well versed on every nook and cranny along the way. We arrived near the start of their day and found this offered us a tour for two. After getting acquainted with the steeds who would be hauling us, it was time to climb aboard our chariot. The surrounding landscape shelters public views of the treasure awaiting beyond the tree line. Our guide welcomed us for our memorable excursion into the Wisconsin Dells version of the Magnificent Mile.

As we progressed along the ride, the Lost canyon opened before our eyes.

Wisconsin’s Deepest Canyon

As our wagon slowly progressed, we moved into the beginning of the cliff-walled gorges that make up Lost Canyon. The trees didn’t so much disappear as they just migrated up the cliff walls. All around, we were surrounded by the green vegetation and shaded crevasses. Seeing the sandstone layers stacked one upon another was something that we never expected to find in Wisconsin. We sat in awe as the ravine ebbed and flowed like an invisible river. All around us, the beauty of nature unfolded in front of our eyes.

The narrow slot canyons are a peaceful place to commune with nature.

Traveling Through Time

Our guide was adept at coaxing his horses through the narrow corridors. At times, it felt as though there was no way the wagon would fit. The team slowly plodded along and the clip-clop of their hoofs echoed through the canyon. That was the only sound that disturbed the air. The Lost Canyon Horse Tours was an opportunity to commune with nature in an undisturbed fashion. It was so peaceful that we spotted deer lounging along the path. Clearly, they were used to the wagon traffic and barely acknowledged our existence.

Wagons need to make room to pass each other in the narrow ravines.

Close Quarters

We began to believe we were the only humans around, until we saw an approaching wagon. Our guide pulled the wagon to the side and we watched the other tour group pass. It appeared to us that the crowds were beginning to increase, as the morning turned into afternoon. The slow pace of the Lost Canyon Horse Tours allows guests to soak in all of the natural beauty. While our boat tour had us rushing to take in the views, here we felt like time was barely moving. We were truly enjoying the relaxed pace.

The authors pose for a selfie after a visit to Lost Canyon Horse Tours.

Lost Canyon Horse Tours

Our excursion into Lost Canyon gave us an up-close view of the unique natural features of the Wisconsin Dells. Add in the backstories provided by our tour guide and we finished our visit with a better understanding of this region. While many visitors to the area are concentrating on the myriad of waterparks, we preferred to embrace the nature of the area. Traveling through ravines, that have barely seen any sunlight in thousands of years, was unimaginable. We left the attraction with a newfound appreciation for slot canyons. It was clear that there is much more to the Dells than waterslides and swimming pools. Who else loves these types of attractions?

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  1. What a fun time you two must have had on this tour. It looks like a nice place to escape the heat of a summer day.

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