The locals love the family friendly feasting they find at Pheasant Run Pancake House.

Family Friendly Feasting – Pheasant Run Pancake House

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, especially when traveling. It sets the tone for the entire day and provides the start needed to fuel a morning of exploration. While many newer restaurants are focusing on Instagram worthy plates, there is still much to be said for good old-fashioned breakfasts. On an unexpectedly cool September morning, we stopped by Pheasant Run Pancake House for some family-friendly feasting. 

We want to thank Visit Hays and Pheasant Run for hosting our visit. Rest assured all opinions are our own. 

It is clear that family is important at Pheasant Run Pancake House.

Family is Key

Have you ever visited a restaurant that made you feel like one of the locals? Pheasant Run Pancake House is one of those types of places. From the moment we walked through the door, we were treated like family. Of course, that is probably because family comes first at this restaurant. After all, the staff is one big family that has been satisfying the hunger of locals and travelers alike for many years. Being close to the interstate brings them a wide range of diners, but they try to treat them all like long-time customers.

Even the pandemic couldn't stop the comradery of the locals during a lively breakfast.

Local Life

Even though the pandemic has created the need for buffering space between guests, that hasn’t isolated the locals. During our visit, the conversations still occurred between tables, even if it did require a little extra volume to cover the distances. We enjoyed hearing the back-and-forth banter that comes with comradery. It was obvious that these diners were regulars, but even though we were travelers, they included us in the conversations. We were truly feeling like locals.

Family friendly feasting has to include plenty of protein packed dishes.

Family Friendly Feasting

The menu at Pheasant Run is filled with hearty dishes designed to fuel a day of work or play. For us, there is a fuzzy line that separates the two. It’s hard to call this work when we are having so much fun. We still needed the fuel and of course some hot coffee. I chose to go with The Uplander, which features two eggs, crispy bacon, hash browns, and a choice of toast or pancakes. The menu mentioned The Dixie Special, which is their homemade biscuits and gravy, so I asked for a half version just to check it out. This meal really hit the spot, especially on this chilly morning.

Pheasant Run Pancake House offers some delicious choices for flavoring your pancakes.

Sweetening the Deal

Crystal decided to follow suit and also ordered The Uplander. Of course, she had to put her own twist on it, so she chose sausage patties and pancakes. The pancakes can be made with a variety of flavors packed inside, so she picked blueberries. Having the ability to make these kinds of choices adds to the family-friendly feasting options at Pheasant Run. With all of our plates laid out before us and the photos completed, it was time to dig in. Since we had so much variety on the table, we were both sharing our bounty and sampling a bit of everything.

The authors perked up for a day of exploring after a hearty breakfast filled with family friendly feasting.

Chasing the Chill

Our visit to Pheasant Run was a great start to what could have been a gloomy day. The hot coffee, delicious meals, and lively conversations had perked us up. Now we were ready to head out and conquer the world or at least explore more of Hays, Kansas. These are the types of dining experiences that remind us it’s not about the frills, as much as it is the dedicated restaurant workers, that make it more than a meal. We hope that you will add the Pheasant Run Pancake House to your explorer list.

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  1. So glad you enjoyed the Pheasant Run, Hays, and northwest Kansas. Please come back again! We’d love to have you!

  2. Everything looked so good. (except the sausage, I’m not into that) When I see your meals laid out, I try to guess which ones you each picked. Most of the time I only get it half right. I usually pick what Jeff eats, by which one I like, and most of the time it is. I’m very surprised. Enjoy your articles all the time.

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