A view of downtown Grapevine, Texas.

Grapevine Texas – One Day Of Discovery

Our visit to Grapevine, Texas may have been short but it was packed full of fun. When the first settlers arrived in this region, they discovered fields of wild Mustang grapes. It seems like they picked a great name for the town, which was organized in 1844. Our visit was concentrated near the historic downtown. Located in the Dallas-Fort Worth region, Grapevine has developed its own flavor. With 24 hours to explore, we wasted no time in getting started. Let’s see what can be packed into a One Day Stay

We want to thank the Grapevine CVB for hosting our visit. Rest assured all opinions are our own. 

Breakfast with a French twist at Chez Fabien.

Start the Day Right

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Our itinerary was designed to show that there are plenty of reasons that every meal is special in Grapevine, Texas. We chose Chez Fabien to start our day. This French-inspired eatery showcases meals like the ones we enjoyed in Quebec City. While Crystal munched on her quiche and fruit, I stuck to a well balanced meal. 

A walk through the botanical gardens offers a tranquil way to start the day.

Peaceful Moments

We knew that we were in for a hot Texas day, so a stop at the local botanical gardens was placed early in our day. The peaceful setting was the perfect place to plan our day’s adventure. While the gardens aren’t as huge as some we’ve toured, they were plenty big for a leisurely stroll. 

The Nash Farm is a popular stop when visiting Grapevine, Texas.

Down on the Farm

Now that our moods were tranquil, it was time to dig into the history of Grapevine, Texas. With such a rich and diverse history, we had to make room in our schedule for a few stops. First up was Nash Farm, which offers visitors a feel for the late 19th Century. The farm is only a few blocks from downtown Grapevine, so it’s easy to add to an itinerary. After watching potatoes being harvested, we spent time touring the family home. We even got to meet a few of the farm animals.

Be sure to include a stop at the local history museum.

Learning Local History

Next up was a stop at the Settlement To The City Museums. This collection of buildings house a variety of historic artifacts. Visitors can tour an old schoolhouse that showcases the Grapevine prairie. The Cotton Ginner’s Museum chronicles the time when cotton was king of the south. We spent the majority of our time exploring the Keeling House Museum, which holds exhibits about Grapevine’s growth and changes over the years. 

We found plenty of food options at Harvest Hall.

Lunch at the Hall

All of this exploring had helped us work up an appetite and we noticed it was approaching lunchtime. We hightailed it over to Harvest Hall for a “food hall” style meal. The interior of this place is stunning. Adding a variety of eateries makes this the perfect lunch or Happy Hour stop. 

Our history lesson was given by Sallie Andrews.

Local Legends

After lunch, it was time to get back to work. Grapevine, Texas has so much history that we only needed to step outside for our next lesson. Local historian, Sallie Cotter Andrews was waiting to tell us about the “Peace Circle”. A ring of eleven statues honor a meeting between Sam Houston and ten tribal leaders. Sallie made sure we had lots of background on each of the participants. Afterwards, we spent time talking about her relationship with a native tribe in our hometown.

The railroad is an integral part of life in Grapevine, Texas.

Railroad History

One of the great things about a One Day Stay in Grapevine is that everything is nearby. In fact, our next stop was just a few steps up the road. The Grapevine Vintage Railroad wasn’t originally on our schedule but who could pass up a peek at these old-school cars. We can imagine traveling across the prairie in style, during the early 1900s. They certainly don’t make them like this any more. 

We couldn't visit downtown Grapevine, Texas without checking out the local shops.

Downtown Grapevine, Texas Shopping

Whenever we visit a new destination we look for ways to “Visit Like A Local”. This includes checking out the locally-owned shops and stores. Downtown Grapevine, Texas has a new selection of boutiques that offer lots of variety. Crystal enjoyed perusing the racks looking for some special pieces to add to her wardrobe. I found a few stores that had souvenirs and gifts for everyone in the family.  

Mason and Dixon hit the spot for dinner in downtown Grapevine, Texas.

Dinner Downtown

The day was passing way too quickly and we noticed hunger creeping up on us. For dinner we decided to sample a local eatery that we noticed along our path. Mason & Dixie has a nice variety of dishes, so we had no problem picking. While Crystal dug into her Gulf Shrimp & Grits, I couldn’t pass up the Brisket Grilled Cheese.  

Visitors can explore an original cabin in downtown Grapevine, Texas.

Early Grapevine History

After dinner we decided to take one more stroll down Main Street. As we neared the northern end, we happened upon the Torian Cabin. Constructed with hand-hewn logs, this home was moved from the Lonesome Dove community to Grapevine. The structure served as the Torian family’s home from 1886 until the 1940s. Can you imagine life inside of this cabin? 

The authors recall a day filled with fun in Grapevine, Texas.

One Day of Discovery

As the day grew to an end, we returned to Harvest Hall to recount our adventure. Grapevine, Texas had shown us plenty of history and some fun to boot. Being a part of a large metro, many smaller cities often lose their small-town charm. Grapevine has managed to retain theirs and have become a great addition to a Dallas-Fort Worth excursion. We certainly enjoyed our time and would love to hear your memories of visits to Grapevine, Texas. Drop us a line in the comments section and tell us about some of your favorite stops. 

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