With only One Day in Dallas, we needed to make the most of our time.

One Day In Dallas

Texas holds a special place in our hearts, so we always enjoy visits to the Lone Star State. With so much to see and do, we find that there just never seems to be enough time. This trip included four unique cities all within striking distance of the Dallas-Fort Worth region. After completing our visit to Palestine, we turned our focus to One Day in Dallas. 24 hours may not seem like much time, but we’ve learned to pack a lot into a short stay. Let’s see how we did.

We want to thank Visit Dallas for hosting our visit. Rest assured that all opinions are our own.

Dealey Plaza will forever be associated with the assassination of President Kennedy.

The Sixth Floor Museum

Summer is a great time to visit Dallas. The city is pulsing with activity. We landed in town in the late morning. Our first stop was the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza. This museum is dedicated to capturing the story of the assassination of President John Kennedy. Crystal and I were too young to remember the exact moment. We grew up realizing what happened, as it became an unforgettable historical moment.  

The Sixth Floor Museum makes people think about the political atmosphere in the 1960s.

Time Stands Still

This was our first visit to the museum, so there was a lot for us to take in. As we made our way through the exhibits, we learned many details that had escaped us. It’s hard to fathom the draw that this event has 60 years later. We noted a steady flow of visitors to the museum and found even more outside. We even discovered that there are tour groups that are specific to this site. This speaks volumes of the impact this American president had on our nation’s history. 

Hawkers Asian Street Food was a vibrant way to celebrate lunch.

Let's Do Lunch

Daylight was burning, so we knew that we had to keep moving. Our one day in Dallas was focused in the downtown region. A short hop and we found ourselves in the Deep Ellum neighborhood. This area is packed full of unique eateries and shopping opportunities. It took no time for us to choose a lunch location. Hawkers Asian Street Food has a cool vibe and we just had to check it out. We loved the tapas-style dining and sampled a variety of tasty dishes. 

It's hard to beat an unexpected art fair.

An Unexpected Treat

After lunch, we took a few minutes to explore Deep Ellum. Just outside of the restaurant we discovered an art fair in progress. We love local art, so this was the perfect way to walk off a few calories from our meal. It was fun watching the performance art, that was sprinkled in with all of the vendors. 

The Perot Museum is a world class science center located in downtown Dallas.

Perot Museum

When I was researching downtown Dallas destinations, I uncovered the Perot Museum. Being a science geek, I couldn’t pass it up. Fortunately, Crystal enjoys exploring all of the cool exhibits we find at science centers. The Perot is world-class, so we were in for quite a treat. The crowds were up, but we still found it manageable, although sometimes we had to wait for our turn to engage with the interactive displays.  

My love for dinosuars was a large part of why we visited the Perot Museum during our one day in Dallas.

Walking with Dinosaurs

The main reason I wanted to see this museum was their focus on dinosaurs. I’ve always been intrigued with prehistoric life, and the Perot Museum has a lot to offer. It’s fair to say that we spent more time in this area than any other. Of course, there is so much to see that it’s easy for time to get away from you. Be sure to plan more time than you expect to spend, as this place has so much to offer.  

We found lots of iconic sights and shops during our one day in Dallas.

Taste of Texas

During our one day in Dallas, we were able to squeeze in some time just wandering around. This gave us a chance to check out the shops and sculptures that dot the downtown. One of the more iconic stops is Wild Bill’s Western Store, which has been a Dallas staple for over 40 years. This is a good place to find that cowboy couture to round out your wardrobe. 

Pecan Lodge was a good choice to taste some Texas bbq.

Sampling the BBQ

By now we were heading into the early evening hours. We headed back to Deep Ellum for dinner. Being lifelong Kansas Citians, we have tried a lot of barbecue. Prior to this journey, I had received suggestions for restaurants, and many noted Pecan Lodge. The descriptions were mouth-watering, so it was added to our itinerary. Stepping through the door, we were greeted with the aroma of smoked meats. That’s a smell that we will never tire of experiencing. Dinner was a tasty event that left us happy with our choice.

Emporium Pies offers sweet treats to cap off a day of exploring.

Sweet Finish

We had spotted Emporium Pies, during our earlier adventures. While we often look for ice cream, this place intrigued us. The only way to settle our curiosity was to make a visit. It was a great decision that we both enjoyed. Crystal is a huge Pecan Pie fan and theirs was everything she had hoped it would be. I’m not as picky, since I’ve never met a piece of pie I didn’t like. Sure enough, my slice of Key Lime hit the spot and left me with a big smile on my face.  

We enjoyed our stay at Magnolia Dallas, which is housed in Dallas' first skyscraper.

Downtown Destination

It never ceases to amaze us how quickly the day passes. Our one day in Dallas had been packed with fun, food, and Texas flair. With sunset approaching, we made our way to Magnolia Dallas, our downtown lodging. It’s housed in the former Magnolia Petroleum Company Building, which was Dallas’ first skyscraper. We made note of the Flying Horse Coffee Shop located in the lobby. This would come in handy in the morning, since it would make it easy to get our daily caffeine fix. 

The authors get playful while reflecting on theior one day in Dallas.

One Day In Dallas

After settling into our room, we decided to take one last walk through downtown Dallas. Directly across the street from our hotel, we discovered an entertainment district. A movie was playing on the huge media wall and families had assembled to enjoy the show. We took in a little of it but decided to head back to the Magnolia to watch the sunset from our room. High above the downtown streets, we reflected on the day’s activities. It’s hard to imagine a better itinerary, for One Day in Dallas.  

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