A stop at Paisley Perk offered us a chance to enjoy a Kearney coffee break.

Kearney Coffee Break – Paisley Perk

We are so hopeful that 2021 will see a return of travel that we decided to start our season with some day trips. It’s fun planning and executing a one-day run that lands us in new territory. Kansas City is the perfect home base for a multitude of day trip options. An hour north of the city and we found ourselves in Kearney, Missouri. With a little time before our first official stop, we decided that some sustenance would be wise. Driving into the downtown, we spotted Paisley Perk, which would supply us a much-needed Kearney coffee break.

The staff are hard at work preparing drinks and meals for guests to Paisley Perk.

In Short Order

We loved the charm of this cute little coffee shop. When we stepped through the door,  we found that the quaintness continued. The staff was busy working on orders for the locals who frequent this place. That gave us a few minutes to peruse their menu. Obviously, coffee was a given, but we needed to determine our munchables. A nearby pastry case was tempting us with its goodies, so something would be needed from there. They also make some hot dishes, with many being protein-rich choices.

Open spaces make the Paisley Perk user friendly during a period of social distancing.

Wide Open Spaces

After placing our order, we needed to find a good perch to observe the locals. Up the stairs, we discovered the perfect spot. A second-floor seating area has plenty of windows to provide lots of lighting and views. With appropriate spacing, we found that it was easy to socially distance. It’s hard to imagine that this would have ever become a concern. The Paisley Perk is a comfortable spot to just sit and catch up with a neighbor while enjoying a delectable cup of coffee.

Delightful images showcase a stop at the Paisley Perk.

Reminders of Home

You would expect a Kearney coffee break to focus on the local area. We were pleasantly surprised to find that they also give a nod to the nearby city we live in. While we were ordering our meals, I knew that we would have to sample at least one sweet treat from their pastry case. It was an easy decision once I spotted the “KC” cookies. Lying on the table in front of me, it became a picture-perfect treat.

A table full of goodies are about to be devoured during our Kearney coffee break.

Kearney Coffee Break

During a blogging trip, we would usually focus our attention, and photos, mainly on the food. This Kearney coffee break actually ended up being more about how cozy this place is to visitors. Of course, it still needs to be serving up delicious bites. No problem there, since we both loved our choices. I had the Breakfast Sandwich, which included egg, sausage, and cheese all nestled inside a toasted, flaky bun.  Crystal chose the Personal Crustless Quiche and the one at Paisley Perk didn’t let her down. They have a couple of choices and she went with the one that includes sausage, red pepper, and pepper-jack cheese.

The authors pause before exploring the Jesse James Birthplace.

Time to Explore

With our hunger satisfied and plenty of protein for the upcoming adventures, it was time to say goodbye to Paisley Perk. Exploring Kearney had been on our list for quite some time. Now that the opportunity had come to a reality, we were anxious to get rolling. As we drove through the downtown, we spotted some interesting shops that we planned to come back to in the afternoon. For now, we needed to hoof it over to the Jesse James Farm to check out the story of the area’s most notorious native. It was looking to be a very good day!

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