We didn't expect to find this at Hatch in OKlahoma City.

Morning Rush At Hatch Early Mood Food

Have you ever been researching dining locations and came across a place that is a “must visit”? When we were planning our Oklahoma City trip we stumbled upon Hatch Early Mood Food and knew it would be a breakfast stop. With our close proximity to Automobile Alley, this place was well within walking distance. When we arrived, we found that it is wildly popular with the locals.

A bright morning meant the outdoor seating was not choice.

Pick Your Seat

The front of the restaurant faces East, and the morning sunshine was gleaming brightly. When we stepped inside to put our name in for a table, we were advised that there were a couple open on the patio. We happened to have walked past this seating area on our way in and knew it would be too bright for us.  As we were leaving, we noticed that they had dropped the shades, so we could have dined outside after all.

On the inside, the seating is primarily booths, but also has a few long community areas. The bar offers plenty of space, as well as a chance to strike up a conversation with neighbors. There are a couple other long counters like this, including the one at the front of the store. This is where we ended up.

The Future Looks Bright

Our server brought us some coffee and menus. The first thing we noticed was how many choices there are at Hatch Early Mood Food, for breakfast. Omelets, Benedicts, pancakes, sammies, and more. With so many choices it took us a while to decide.  Fortunately, our server was patient and handy with refills of our coffee cups.

Decisions, Decisions!

Finally we had to pick. Crystal has been on a pancake kick for a while, so I wasn’t surprised when she chose the Strawberry Dream. This sticky, sweet stack is made with a sweet batter and then topped with strawberry cream cheese compote and candied walnuts. No need for any syrup with this dish. I took a small bite and the strawberry flavor screams through for a delicious tone.

I didn’t have nearly as long of a decision period, once I noticed the Breakfast Cuban. Now I am always up for a Cuban sandwich, and have tried them at restaurants at many of the cities we have visited. Hatch Early Mood Food was the first place I had seen this dish on the breakfast menu. Fluffy egg is combined with beer-braised pork, bacon, ham, Swiss cheese, pickles, peppers, and onions. This amazing combination of flavors is nestled inside of pressed Torta bread and wrapped in a nice presentation. I added a side of their Loaded Tumblers. These unusual version of hash browns are loaded with bacon and cheddar cheese. A serving of their house-made Smoked Cheddar Hollandaise makes an excellent dipping sauce. I never realized just how great breakfast could taste. By the end of our meal it was clear to us why there was a non-stop line at this restaurant. The small amount of the menu we tested was awesome and conversations with our neighbors suggested that they had the same experience with their dishes, as well.

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