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Nibbles Eatery Delivers Big Flavor In A Small Space

Our survey of readers had brought to light a small breakfast spot in the heart of downtown Eureka Springs. We had walked past Nibbles Eatery during our shopping excursion, and decided it would make a great stop for our last morning in town. Had we known what we were about to experience, we would have eaten here every morning. This is one of those books that you cannot judge by the cover.
Staff works preparing breakfast at Nibbles Eatery in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

Pocket Restaurant

Did I mention that the place is small? When we spoke with business owners about our experiences and plans in Eureka Springs, quite a few mentioned Nibbles Eatery. With what we had heard before our trip being confirmed by locals, we just knew it was a must visit place. We got there right around opening time, and found it was fairly empty. With only about nine tables, we wondered if it was really that good. We found a table, and made ourselves comfortable. There were two people on staff, with one handling the serving duties, as well as assisting the cook. The space is cozy, which means as others arrived we found ourselves invited into conversation. After getting our coffee, (A must for starting the day right!) we set about deciding on our meals. The menu is as small as their space, so it was easy to pick dishes. A local couple had sat down beside us on my right, and was telling us that this is their favorite breakfast spot in town. We hadn’t seen any of the food yet, but were holding out that they were well versed.

A mushroom and goat cheese omelet is the main course on a breakfast filled with salad and wheat berry toast.

Gourmet Presentation at Nibbles Eatery

I had chosen the Mushroom and Goat Cheese Omelet, which is served with a small salad, as well as some wheat berry bread. First, let’s talk about the omelet. This had to be in the top three that I have ever been served. The mushrooms were tender, without being slimy, and the goat cheese added a delicious tangy bite to the dish. It was unbelievably delicious. The addition of salad would have been a complete shock, if we hadn’t experienced it at a Belgian restaurant in Philadelphia. (You can read about that experience here>) Everything on my plate tasted so fresh, and we were informed that they source as many ingredients locally, as possible. The couple next to us had that look of, “Now you see why it’s our favorite.”, as I savored each bite. The meal was perfectly portioned, so I didn’t feel overly stuffed at the end. It was clear that the owner knew their business.

A plate loaded with quiche, fresh salad, and yogurt makes a great start to any day.

Crystal chose the Chicken Artichoke Quiche, which also included a fresh salad. These were accompanied by a dish of yogurt with a sprinkling of granola. Her quiche was as marvelous as my omelet (I took a bite.), and she commented that the yogurt was also delicious. I’ll have to take her word on that, as I am not inclined to eat the stuff. Her plate was also well portioned, and we dined in style, as we also began a conversation with the couple at the table on my left. They turned out to be from Kansas City, as well, so we exchanged stories of our visits to Eureka Springs. That we both had ended up at Nibbles Eatery on the same morning was quite a pleasant coincidence. It reminded us just how many people visit this quaint destination for a relaxing get-away. Like us, they were nearing the end of their visit, but planned to return again to this special spot in the Ozark Mountains. We certainly plan to add Nibbles Eatery to our list of places we eat on our next visit, now that we know how good it is. Of course, we know to come early, because table space fills up pretty quickly.

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  1. It’s sometimes hard to find places that aren’t serving the standard breakfast fare, so it looks as if you were on to a winner with Nibbles Eatery. A great way to start the day!

  2. I was hooked when I read the name of the restaurant!! So creative. The food looks so delicious and the atmosphere so cute!!

  3. Doreen Pendgracs

    You definitely had my moth watering with this post! I love these small eateries that have a unique atmosphere and menu. Thx for sharing!

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