Fun Acres Mini-Golf Course.

Played Any Cheesy Mini-golf Courses Lately?

Fun Acre is one of the old time miniature golf courses that were so popular in the 60’s and 70’s. The kind that featured lots of hand crafted statues dotting the various holes of play. Most have been removed, and only remain in pictures and memories. Every once in a while you happen across one, and it can be extra special.

Fun Acre - Springfield attractions - miniature golf

One Fun Acre

Now we didn’t measure the space, but all combined we can’t believe it is any bigger than one acre. This of course would include the on-site batting cages, and the parking lot. That doesn’t mean it contains any less entertainment value. This is especially true when you consider that the cost for 18 holes is $2.50. Where else can you get a deal like that? Sure the holes are fairly simple. Some are not in as good of shape as they could be. These small details don’t stop the crowds from gathering to play alongside an old green dinosaur.

Fun Acre - Springfield attractions - miniature golf

During our visit we learned the key to this pint-sized attraction. Give the people a place to wile away an hour, while making memories. For that you will be rewarded with a steady crowd of return visitors. As we played, we listened to the stories of others, from previous visits. Some discussed proper approach shots, while others bragged about there best scores. Children scampered around scouting out the next holes. Everywhere people were enjoying this attraction.

Fun Acre - Springfield attractions - miniature golf

The Verdict Is In

Our time at Fun Acre was just that, fun. We have a habit of always trying to find time to squeeze in a round of mini-golf. Some places are over the top fancy, and have state of the art features. These usually come with a price tag to match. While they have lots of eye candy, the main draw is still putting a colored ball around the course. This place offers that same experience, albeit less. Less glitz and glamour, but still all of the putting. Give it a try, and see if you agree. Just be wary of that green dinosaur.

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