The interior of Nexus Coffee is decorated with coffee sacks.

Powering Up At Nexus Coffee

Like many of the cities we visit, Little Rock offers a vibrant downtown. The area we focused on was near the River Market district, which includes the Clinton Presidential Library, an amazing river trail, and a local farmers market. On a beautiful Saturday morning, we left our hotel in search of coffee, before hitting up the market. Our footsteps led us to Nexus Coffee, which is just across the street from the farmers market pavilion. A steady stream of customers hinted at good things to come.

We want to thank the Little Rock CVB and Nexus Coffee & Creative for hosting our visit. Rest assured that all opinions are our own.

Coffee drinks are available to us caffeine driven people.

Caffeine Fix at Nexus Coffee

As we walked through the door, the wonderful aroma of roasted coffee beans greeted us. Yeah, we know some of you don’t drink coffee, but we won’t hold it against you. Even though the business was booming, the line to order moved quickly. It was almost too quickly, as we were struggling to decide from all of the options. Fortunately, the staff member was very patient with us and guided us through their menu. The drink side was pretty simple for us, as we are fairly repetitive in our drink choices. Crystal is usually a drip drinker, who adds in creamer and flavors to create the mix she is in the mood for that day. I lean toward straight up lattes with no extra flavoring.

Breakfast sandwiches, from Nexus Coffee, offer plenty of fuel for a day of exploring.

Flavorful Bites

It was the food section that was teasing our decision making. While Nexus Coffee doesn’t have a huge food menu, everything on it looked tempting. I have to admit that I pondered ordering one of each for a moment, but didn’t want to waste a bunch of food. After a quick huddle, we decided to just pick two menu items and split them. At least that way we would each get a couple of the flavors sampled. Our first choice was the Sunrise Sandwich, which has egg, cheese, and a choice between three meats. We chose the sausage, and they sandwich all of these fillings inside a pressed Ciabatta roll. Our second pick was the Breakfast Bagel,which involves the use of a tomato basil bagel. Inside of this densely delightful roll they layer prosciutto, field greens, tomato, with a smear of herb & onion cream cheese. We ended up being pleased with our choices, which were filling enough to carry us through to lunch.

The authors pose for a selfie at the farmers market in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Coffee To Go

The service at Nexus Coffee was amazingly quick and proficient. The steady stream of customers continued to file through, while we dined. We had plopped down right by the counter, so we could gauge how many of the customers were return visitors. It quickly became apparent that this place is a hangout for the locals, as everyone seemed to be on a first name basis. The chatter among them was on a personal level, which showed that they were certainly frequent visitors. After finishing our meal, we grabbed some Joe to Go, and headed out to the market. As we wandered the booths, we saw others carrying cups from our breakfast choice. Yeah, it made us feel a little more like a local. Check them out on your visit to Little Rock.

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