The tempting smoky goodness of Wayne jab's barbecue intrigued us.

Smoky Goodness – Wayne Jacob’s Smokehouse

Throughout our travels, we have discovered that barbecue is a language understood by most people. The smoky goodness of this cuisine brings people together. Even in bayou country, which is known for its Cajun dishes, we uncovered a world-class BBQ joint. Traveling the backroads of the Louisiana River Parishes landed us in some delectable settings, including this stop at Wayne Jacob’s Smokehouse & Restaurant. We could tell from the packed parking lot that we were in for an enjoyable experience.

We want to thank Louisiana River Parishes and Wayne Jacob’s Smokehouse for their hospitality. Rest assured all opinions are our own. 

 full house is what we found when we stopped for lunch at Wayne Jacob's smokehouse.

Local Life

In the heart of the River Road, tradition is key. Running a smokehouse takes dedication and years of practice. Wayne Jacob’s is steeped in barbecue tradition, as the business has been handed down for generations. Back in 1950, Nolan Jacob built the current home of the smokehouse and included an apartment over the top. He wanted to make sure he was close at hand anytime the smokehouse was operating. This level of commitment is a large reason why the restaurant is a local favorite.

The owner keeps a watchful eye on the operations at Wayne Jacob's Smokehouse.

Watchful Eye

Our barbecue experiences have taught us that there are many ways to become a smoke master. In Quebec City, we dined with a French-trained chef who studied the art all across the United States. One of the best teachers is time. Wayne Jacob has the advantage of being raised in a barbecue family, so those years of trial and error have been recorded for him. With all of this family history in tow, he keeps a watchful eye over the business to ensure consistent results.

A sampling of appetizers helped whet our appetite for more of the smoky goodness to come.

Teasing Tastes

Knowing that this would be our only stop at his restaurant during this trip, Wayne wanted to make sure we got a great sampling of the restaurant’s menu. We started it with a blend of the appetizers. A bowl of Chicken & Andouille Gumbo featured tons of smoky goodness as it is packed with meats made in-house. A few Boudin Balls really hit the spot. These pork sausage and rice creations kept us coming back for more. To cap it off, Wayne threw in some of his classic Andouille Chips, which are sliced thin and fried up nice and crispy. The Creole Mustard dipping sauce was a perfect compliment for them.

A tray filled with the smoky goodness found at Wayne Jacob's Smokehouse.

Smoky Goodness

Now that we had whetted our appetites, it was time for the main courses. With so many great choices on the lunch menu, we once again left it to Wayne to fix us up. When the tray hit the table, we knew we were about to enter barbecue overload. The four corners were each occupied by the smoky goodness of a different meat option. We discovered a Half Smoked Chicken, Baby Back Ribs, Beef Brisket, and Smoked Sausage. To top it all off, there was also a bowl of Roux Peas and one of Baked Beans to compliment all of the meats. For the next half hour, the only sounds coming from our table were the coos of satisfaction that accompany a satisfying meal.

The authors made the most of their time in the Louisiana River parishes.

Exploring the River Road

Try as we might, we just couldn’t finish everything. Of course, the smoky goodness kept us coming back even after we were stuffed. Oh well, we knew we would be walking it off at our next stop. Before we departed Wayne Jacob’s Smokehouse, we had to pick up some of the smoked meats for back home. We knew that this fall we would be wanting to make our own batch of red beans & rice, so some of his trademark Andouille sausages would be a perfect compliment. Fortunately, we can mail order more when it’s all gone.

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  1. Have found your trips along the way to be fun and interesting. The food always looks pretty. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful trips with us.

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