The sugar pillows of delight are the mainstay of the menu at Mo'Bay Beignets Co.

Sugar Pillows For The Win – Mo’Bay Beignets

Mobile presented us with our first tastes of Alabama life. As we rolled into town, we were greeted with the sights of 300 years of coastal living. We were eager to immerse ourselves in the history of the city, but first, we needed a little sustenance. Previous visits to the south proved we knew that they have a fondness for a specific fried pastry delight. We weren’t about to pass up an opportunity to sample some beignets on this trip. Off to Mo’Bay Beignet Co. to get us some sugar pillows for the win.

We want to thank Visit Mobile for hosting our visit. Rest assured all opinions are our own. 

A weekday morning is the perfect tme to enjoy some sugar pillows at Mo'Bay Beignet.

Mo’Bay Wealth

When Mobile was moved to its current location in 1711, Dauphin Street was one of the principal thoroughfares. It quickly grew to become the commercial corridor of the city. The French influence is evident in many aspects of Mobile life. The Catholic church has records dating back to 1703 when the first permanent congregation was established by the bishop of Quebec. Our day would include learning how control of Mobile was affected by multiple nations. Before we headed off to Fort Conde, we wanted to explore the culinary history of the city.

Meeting up with Andrew felts allowed us to learn more about Visit Mobile.

Meeting in Mobile

We arrived at Mo’Bays and found a parking spot right out front. That was a sure sign that it was going to be a great day. Being a weekday morning, the majority of customers were grabbing their orders to go. Stepping through the door, we found ourselves in the brick-exposed space used for diners. Here we met up with Andrew Felts, the Marketing Coordinator from Visit Mobile. He welcomed us to Alabama and briefed us on the contacts that we would meet during the day. Now it was time to sample the light, airy pillows that we have yearned for.

The menu at Mo'Bay Beignet Co. is simple and to the point.

Order Up!

Our experiences at restaurants have been a mixed bag of menus. Some places have page after page of selections that will leave diners trying to whittle down the choices. Then we have the opportunity to visit places like Mo’Bay Beignets that makes ordering easy. By keeping it simple, they are able to focus on what matters. The sweet smell of deep-fried dough filled the restaurant with its intoxicating aroma. We placed our order and waited anxiously for our deep-fried delights.

The powder sugar coated beignets are the perfect compliment to fresh cups of cafe au lait.

Sugar Pillows for the Win

In short order, we were heading to a table to consume our fried fritters. Miniature snowdrifts of powdered sugar-coated our sugar pillows. We added in a couple of their flavored syrups that compliment the taste of the beignets. The tender biscuits were an indulgent treat and the syrups boosted them to a level we had never tasted. To wash down our breakfast, we chose a couple of their hot drink options. One cup of Café Au Lait combines coffee with hot milk to create a milder version of a latte. The other was a bolder version that combines coffee with chicory in a time-tested style that is common in the deep south.

The authors prepare to begin their day of exploring in downtown Mobile, Alabama.

Staying Mobile

We made quick work of our sweet treats and wiped our sugary mustaches off of our faces. Even with mounds of powdered sugar to contend with, we were able to avoid the tale-tell white smudges on our clothes. As the sugar coursed through our bodies, we made our way out into the Mobile morning. The day held the promise of some major exploring and we were anxious to get started. We knew that the Mo’Bay sugar pillows would keep us rolling until lunch. What a sweet way to start our morning.

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