Sunrise Memphis is filled with local art.

Sunrise Memphis – Embracing Memphis Deliciously

Breakfast meals are some of the hardest to blog about on a consistent pace. While we all love a delectable start to our day, quite often the meals are cookie-cutter style and resemble many others we have enjoyed. It takes something out of the ordinary to help get the creative juices flowing for an article. During our 24 hours in Memphis, we needed to identify a good spot for breakfast. Sunrise Memphis fit the bill perfectly, as they are well-known for being a local favorite. It didn’t take us long to realize that they are embracing Memphis deliciously by serving up some southern dishes with an artistic flair.

Locally made art is displayed with pride al around the interior of Sunrise Memphis.

Artsy Start

There is something appealing about a space filled with old-school artwork. During our travels, we have seen so much grassroots art that we have grown to love all of the variations we find. Sunrise Memphis has plenty of this homemade eye candy hanging on the walls. Many of the pieces reminded us of the handmade items we found in Lucas, Kansas, which is lovingly referred to as the “Grassroots Capital of Kansas”.

The sight of avocado is enough to get Crystal to order the Basic B plate.

Bring the Green

The menu at Sunrise Memphis is quite extensive and includes handhelds, as well as plated dishes. When I noticed a menu item that put avocado into play, I was betting that Crystal would pick it. Sure enough, one order of Basic B for her. It all starts with some of their homemade Ciabatta bread, which is delicious. A healthy slathering of mashed avocado is added and then it’s topped with two eggs cooked your way. On the side they toss in a serving of their hash browns, which add a tasty crunch to the meal.

The Kitchen Sink is the perfect name for this food heavy plate at Sunrise Memphis.

Hearty Beginnings

I wasn’t feeling peckish in the least, so I selected the Kitchen Sink. Just as the name would imply, this plate is packed with savory fare. I wasn’t jealous of Crystal, since I had my own hash browns and eggs. She may have been a bit envious of my Hanna Farm grits, Evan Meat sausage, and Petit Jean farm bacon. To wipe up the last drops of goodness, they include a sumptuous buttermilk biscuit. This looks like a lot of food, (which it is) but I was up to the challenge.

This No Camping sign may have been meant especially for travel bloggers who like to hang out at the table.

Simple Messages

Dining at Sunrise Memphis definitely had us rubbing elbows with the locals. That look I get when I pull out the camera was replaced with smiles, whenever I caught the glance of other diners. I’m guessing that the food is so good that the locals are used to people documenting their experiences. In fact, the notice about not hoarding tables may have even been meant for travel bloggers who camp out for the perfect shots.

The authors head out exploring in downtown Memphis, Tennessee.

Sunrise Memphis Moments

Now that we had our bellies full of the delicious eats from Sunrise Memphis, we were ready to head out on our morning of discovery. While we may not blog about every breakfast, we certainly like to shout out the ones that make our travels extra special. This place definitely falls into that category and we are so glad we found it. What type of breakfast stops do you look for when traveling?

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