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With the lockdown restrictions beginning to ease, we decided to experience our first dine-in lunch at Avalon Cafe. As we explored Weston’s downtown, we spotted the huge outdoor deck floating above the landscape. With our lunchtime hunger tugging at us, it was decided to dine at a place where we could take it outside. This upscale eatery seemed to be the perfect solution, as it combined delectable dishes and amazing views in one stop.

Empty Spaces

As we stepped through the doorway, we were greeted by the hostess. She informed us that they were offering dining inside or out on the patio. Looking around, we saw that no one seemed to be interested in staying indoors. Of course, with a delightfully sunny Saturday unfolding, who would want to stay cooped up? After all, we all just spent the last couple of months sequestered to our homes, so we were ready to get some much needed fresh air. Perhaps on another visit we will sample a little of the indoor atmosphere.

Plenty of Personal Protection

The hostess led us toward the outdoor patio, which took us past the small bar area. Just as we had found throughout our Weston visit, here we also saw plenty of personal protection equipment. While it is a little unusual to see the masks and gloves, we have accepted these temporary changes being made to curtail the risk of exposure. We look at the need for them as a way to protect ourselves and others. Some people may balk at the idea of wearing a mask, but for us it is just a momentary inconvenience.

Take It Outside

The availability of an outdoor seating area made the decision to dine-in easier, and gave an increased level of comfort to patrons. The staff at Avalon Cafe had arranged the tables in a fashion that allowed plenty of space between parties. This makes the dining experience more relaxed and allows room to stretch out a little. To us, this is a reward for having to follow a few restrictive protocols. They say that life will change forever, due to the Coronavirus, and I for one wouldn’t mind, if that means we will always have some extra space between tables.

Soaking in the Atmosphere

Once we were seated, we noted additional changes that are being implemented with the return to dine-in service. Gone are the old style menus and in their place we found single use versions. While this seems to be safer, we do worry about the additional amount of trash that will wind up in America’s waste stream. They are also removing the bulk condiments and replacing them with single serve portions, which we much prefer. While we perused the menu, we munched on some bread they served with herb-infused butter.

Upscale Chicken

The menu at Avalon Cafe is filled with delicious sounding dishes, so we were sure that anything we chose would be good. Crystal stopped on the first item she found, which was the Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich. The combination of homemade pesto, goat cheese, and herb mayonnaise were the perfect accents to accompany the focaccia bread. A side of fresh pasta salad added more zest, as did the pickled okra and sliced fruit. I could tell from her first bite that she loved the flavor combination.

Bringing the Blues

Since Crystal was showcasing the fowl side of the menu, I felt it would only be right for me to choose a beefier dish. Avalon Cafe has a handful of burger options that all sound interesting. After discussing the choices with our server, I decided to select the Blue Cheese Burger. I am always searching for photogenic dishes and this one certainly fit the bill. When they served it up I could see that they don’t skimp on the Blue cheese. I love the tangy taste this adds to the sandwich and could hardly wait to jump in. A handful of roasted new potatoes added a different version of potato to my meal.

Savoring the Sunshine

This inaugural excursion back into semi-normal life may have been fairly subdued, but it was still exciting. Having this chance to take it outside gave us plenty to be thankful for and left us feeling refreshed. After such a long hiatus from travel, we were worried that it would have changed for us. Truth be told, this day trip left us hankering for a time to come when we can get back on the road for more in-depth explorations. Until those days arrive, we will be satisfied with these shorter excursions that allow us to soak up some sunshine in a safe atmosphere. Are you ready to start traveling again?

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